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IberDok, creation of documents and forms for personalized dynamic communications. The CCM (Customer Communication Management) solution leader in usability and efficiency.​ It facilitates the edition of documents and forms based on templates with the capacity to integrate and reuse static and dynamic information objects. It allows the generation of communications in the three main areas of CCM solutions: On-demand generation of communication Guided and interactive editing of a document or form The mass generation of communications

Main Characteristics

IberDok is a web solution comprising five related components that allow complete management of communications, the platform, documents, and forms.​

Due to its independence from IT, fast learning curve, and ability to integrate with the organization's systems, iberDok's characteristics mean that its implementation optimizes the need for generating personalized communications with clients promptly and on demand massively.

The 5 iberDok components for editing, managing, and generating documents (generation engine) are designed for autonomous and coordinated operation, which facilitates the use of each of them by different types of user profiles.​

  • Template editor
  • Document editor
  • Form editor
  • Compositing engine
  • Platform administrator

iberDok helps companies design unique and personalized user experiences that encompass all points of contact with the user, regardless of the channel used.

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