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Grupo Castilla
A solution to automate the efforts of the Human Resources. If you are looking for an integrated payroll and human resources software that helps you digitize processes and unify all the information in a single tool, Epsilon RH from Grupo Castilla is your solution! Available in SaaS (Software as a Service), the safest option and demanded by companies.

Main Characteristics

Unique data philosophy

If there is something that characterizes GrupoCastilla's solutions, it’s that they are designed to meet the needs of users .Epsilon RH is a flexible solution, designed to manage the life cycle of employees, from start to end. From selection of the ideal person, to training, development and payroll. As the information is integrated, you only need to enter the person's data once, it's that easy!

Beyond Human Resources

In addition to talent management, we make tools available to companies that contribute to improving the quality of the internal communication and the achievement of strategic objectives. How is it possible?

  • Empowering the employee experience with a CommunicationPortal in an agile and intuitive environment. In this way, the staff can make requests or consult their personal or work information from their mobile device. All data will always be 100% updated.

  • Connecting people with the company thanks to a marking system, also accessible from the Smartphone, which allows signing indicating the exact location by geolocation. A great advantage for all those people who telework or who travel continuously for their job. Complying with the legal regulation of time control will be much easier.

  • Making the best decisions with an HR Analytics solution, which will allow you to get the most out of your payroll and HR application, obtaining reports that will guide you in detecting anomalies. You can only correct what you know, and in this case, information is power.

What if we add knowledge to technology?

Our origins define us as a technology-based company, but we have evolved, expanding our portfolio with specialized HR knowledge services such as: personnel selection, training, strategic consulting, legal advice and payroll outsourcing. This is what makes us the perfect ally to grow your business and the top Human Resources partner in the market.

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