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Aleph Software
Document Management Software
Tool to build business solutions based on processes, operating in the cloud, adapting contents and processes to roles and responsibilities.

Main Characteristics

Business process manager:

Building process-based systems allows you to standardize management and simplify how and when tasks are performed.

Content portal:

Embedding management processes in the content portal adds usability value for employees or customers.

Organization Model:

Manage by roles and responsibilities. Each user participates in processes and viewing content based on their profile.

Digital and biometric signature:

Digital transformation demands optimizing processes, lowering costs and doing more with less.

We integrate digital signature and biometrics in our processes in order to optimize: reduce paper, time, access to documentation and provide legal support.

Integrated digital marketing:

Design of campaigns, article lists and customer segments. Adaptation of content to segments.

Activation of access from Dynamic QR, valid in temporary and georeferenced spaces. The renaissance of QR.

Business intelligence:

We work to improve day by day and we are preparing AI algorithms to help us extract more information from system processes.

Search, find, predict. Algorithms that will help improve processes. 

Deployment in the cloud:

Can be deployed in the cloud with Microsoft Windows Azure and gain compute power, availability and elasticity. 

Available solutions:

We have created several solutions around GPN6: Customer Care, Urban Incident, Human Resources...all adaptable to your market.

Easy implementation:

Gaining time in the start-up is essential for any business. We have examples of implementations in weeks. 

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