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Cloud application to create Informed Consents, Acceptanceof Transfer of Personal Data (GDPR) and other (customized) clinic-patient documents such as notifications, budgets, admission authorization, risk forms, etc., which require confirmation of acceptance by means of digital signature (biometric) of the patient.

Main Characteristics

ELCI was created in 2013 as a solution to the high demand for review ofInformed Consents. It is based on the development of a catalog of procedurescategorized by medical specialties, updated by a network of DSLegalexperts and lawyers. This repository is utilized in ELCI's own standardizedtemplates that incorporate client, physician and patient data.

•43Medical specialties.

•Morethan 1,400 procedure models in the catalog.

•Collectionof patient's GDPR and export of authorized options.

•Customizeddocuments for each client.

•Useand management through its own portal (ELCI).

•3different types of customer software integration to fit any of yourrequirements.

•Digitalsignature with legal guarantees (VIDsigner)

•Tele-assistanceprotocol (remote signature)

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