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What is a remote digital signature?

VIDsigner Remote lets you send documents requiring a signature to anyone with a PC, tablet, or smartphone, without any installation or prior knowledge.

To ensure security, double validation is always done via email and OTP ( One Time Password ) to the signer's smartphone with which he can secure his identity.

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How does remote signing work?

The remote signature process in 3 simple steps:
1. The document is generated
The issuer generates the document and sends it to the signer
from their usual software.
Remote signature process
How remote signature works
2. Delivery email confirmation
The signer receives an email with a link to the document, so they can review and accept it.
3. SMS code and signature
To ensure security, the service sends a one-time password to
your Smartphone via SMS. Once entered, the receiver performs the signature and you're done.
Remote signature process step by step


Multiple evidence (double validation: email+SMS, geolocation, time stamps, etc.)
OTC - OneTime Certificates for each signer
EU eIDAS regulations
What you see is what you sign
Possibility to be done from any device
Saves time during the signing process

Examples of use of Remote signature

Speed up your organization and save money signing documents remotely.
Support agreements, maintenance contracts, terms
of use, damage reports, repair orders, change requests, approvals.
Sales agreements, opening of accounts, financing agreements (loan/lease), consultation protocols, direct debit mandates (SEPA), rental and loan agreements, non-disclosure agreements.
Human resources
Employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, employee guidelines, consent forms, authorizations, expense reports.
Supplier contracts, service contracts, consulting contracts, purchase orders, amendments and payment approvals.

What security does remote signatures offer?

This electronic signature is the best instrument for companies that want to speed up processes that usually require several steps to be completed.

Why choose VIDsigner?

It is an advanced electronic signature service that is easy to integrate, requires no prior installation and it is compatible with any device. In addition, it guarantees the security of the signatory, the integrity of the document and the intent of the signature.
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