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ValidatedID is a Qualified Trust Services provider with over 10 years of experience in the industry. We offer electronic signature service and electronic invoices; now we are building our new service to manage digital identities in a decentralized way.

The company is headquartered in Barcelona with offices in Madrid. We have a network of more than 300 partners, and 3000 clients in more than 46 countries


We are seeking a Backend Developer with over 3 years of experience to join us in building a revolutionary service for managing user identity.  

As a developer at VIDchain, you will be a valuable team member supporting the creation of our service. You will define user stories and be involved in the entire implementation process, including development, testing, and implementation. You will work closely with our technical lead, product manager, and CTO to support the implementation of an engineering vision that will significantly impact the scalability and evolution of our product.

Minimum requirements

●     A minimum of several years of experience as a developer with demonstrated projects, a GitHub repository, or other relevant evidence of experience is required

●     Must reside in Barcelona or surrounding areas

●     Knowledge of API development is necessary

●     High-quality standards, reusable code, testing, and other best practices are expected

●     Experience working with databases (SQL, NoSQL, etc.) is required

●     The ability to communicate effectively in English is essential

●     The ideal candidate should have a curious and restless personality who wants to learn continuously

●     Social skills are necessary to work in a team, but the candidate should also be able to work autonomously

●     Ability to work comfortably in a hybrid and decentralized environment is expected


●     Knowledge about IAM (Identity and Access Management), cryptography, blockchain, OpenID, and SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity)

●     Knowledge of frontend development using React and React Native

●     Experience with Message Brokers

●     Knowledge of Cosmos DB, Azure SQL

●     Experience with NestJS

●     Knowledge of Kubernetes and Azure Pipelines

Our values

●     Facilitate the reconciliation between work and family life: hybrid work model.

●     Equal opportunities, no discrimination for reasons of gender or other reasons.

We offer

●     Full-time permanent contract.

●     Flexible compensation options: restaurant ticket, transportation, and more.

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Financed by the European Union-NextGenerationEU

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