Guided by the common objective of facilitating, stimulating and supporting the appearance of innovative solutions in the health sector we are delighted to announce our membership in the Lab Santé France association.

Lab Santé is a cooperation structure between those who offer innovative solutions and their future users. It was promoted by the French Ministry that connects public-private entities with the scope of startups and technology companies to find solutions that allow progress in digital innovation.

Lab Santé Institution was created in 2016 at the initiative of ARS with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris Ile-de-France and the Medicen Paris Region. Led by Jean-François Dhainaut currently has more than 100 members. Among them: MedClink, Libheros, Leah, Atelier INAWA, Continuum +, medGo, Dooloo, Hkind, MapPatho, DocaDom, Médialis, and many more.

A real innovation accelerator, supporting research development and health innovation together with its members before profound challenges and changes in the health sector. Its main objective is accelerating the identification and commercialization of innovative solutions more helpful. They gather the supply and demand for innovative health services (researchers, industrialists, laboratories, institutions and healthcare professionals…) within a collaborative platform.

The opportunity of Validated ID is obvious, by participating in the Lab Santé we share experiences with the most advanced technology network in the health area in France. We complete their value proposal, covering all business processes that require the signing of any document in a fast, easy and safe way. At the same time, we are finding new needs and synergies which enable us to progress together in the transformation of the country.

- Santi Casas, CEO of Validated ID.

Edouard de Saint-Exupéry, Project Manager of Lab Santé, pointed out that the incorporation of Validated ID

Will enable health professionals to improve their services and it will facilitate their digital experience. We are glad that another innovative company has decided to be part of Lab Santé.

Discover in two minutes why Lab Santé IDF is recognized as a guide in the

French health ecosystem! Watch video.

Validated ID Team