Cleardent Clinics is a Spanish dental clinical group run by Dr. Ismael Cerezo, which has 52 dental clinics spread throughout the national territory. Its focus is on innovation and adaptability, making it a valuable resource for dental professionals looking to improve efficiency and overall experience in the dental care environment.

The challenge: What was the biggest challenge for Cleardent in getting its patients to sign important documents?

Before implementing the VIDsigner digital signature solution, Cleardent centers manually managed important documents — clinical reports, treatment estimates, informed consents, and GDPR-related documents — in paper format. This meant wasting a lot of time on daily interactions with patients. However, since the VIDsigner signature has been implemented, the process has become more agile and efficient.

Managing all this diverse documentation in physical format constituted a significant challenge for clinical staff, which negatively impacted operational efficiency and increased the probability of errors in the processes. When faced with these challenges, a secure and legally compliant signature solution was needed to address these obstacles quickly and efficiently.

The solution: How has the integration of VIDsigner into Mulhacen Soft simplified the signing processes at Cleardent Clinics?

Patients can now sign their documents in real time thanks to the implementation of the in-person digital signature solution (VIDsigner BIO) and its integration into the Mulhacensoft clinical management software. This has meant a significant improvement in optimizing document capture and signing processes. Previously, obtaining all patient information within the required time frame was difficult. However, with this solution, all patient documentation can now be obtained in a matter of minutes.

VIDsigner is a cloud-based service that allows you to legally sign documents on tablets, eliminating paper and creating reliable evidence in case of litigation.

Now, it is easier to maintain constant control, which has significantly improved operational efficiency and document management. Since the integration of handwritten electronic signatures on tablets (VIDsigner BIO), the clinic's workload and time dedicated to signature management have been considerably reduced. The agility and ease of use of this tool have been vital in the digitalization process, allowing staff to quickly adapt to the new dynamics without the need for lengthy training periods. Additionally, the speed of installation and commissioning has resulted in substantial savings in management and training for the IT team.

Using the VIDsigner BIO biometric signature allows patients enough time to read and understand what they are signing. If you have doubts or questions, you can clarify them with the healthcare professional before accepting the terms. Furthermore, the biometric and cryptographic information collected by the tablet ensures that the signature is legally binding and can be used as proof of authorship in case of legal disputes.

The result: This solution has improved the clinic's internal document management and the patient experience

The technological combination of VIDsigner electronic signatures integrated into Mulhacensoft Clinic Management Software enabled a rapid transition to digital management and ensured that this implementation did not add additional workload for clinical staff.

VIDsigner BIO has proven to be a tool that helps improve patient care, resulting in greater comfort, speed, and safety and saving time and space.

Advantages of using VIDsigner handwritten digital signatures:

- Optimizes the processes of capturing and signing patient documents instantly
- Offers guarantee and legal security in the signing of documents and data processing
- Savings on costs related to paper, printing, filing, and management due to lost documents
- Generates in real-time the original electronic documents signed by the patient

With the implementation of the solution, the times for capturing and signing documents have been improved, keeping control of them at all times. Juan Carlos Calvo , Director of Cleardent Systems

stands out among similar services due to the thoroughness of the Validated ID system when collecting evidences. Furthermore, when proof of a signature is required, VIDsigner always ensures solid support, providing the client with the most appropriate legal support and advice.

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