The signing of a document can be integrated into the dynamics of any pre-existing process and does not affect the usual workflow, but enhances it.

VIDsigner allows us to send documents to be signed without leaving Sage platform services, for both face-to-face scenarios (signature with tablet) and remote working (with a smartphone) and even using a centralized signature for batches of documents (with certificate). This integration is available for Sage X3, Sage Accounting,  and Sage 200cloud (including work).

Validated ID's partnership with Sage, facilitates the signing of documents managed digitally from Sage's ERP, guaranteeing the integrity of the documents, the identity of the signatory, and full legal and juridical validity. It enables many organizations worldwide to transform their business in a 100% digital way by sending, managing, and signing documents both in person and from remote locations.

Benefits of VIDsigner integration with Sage

  • Improves customer satisfaction: VIDsigner facilitates transactions at any time, anywhere, and on any device. Securely.
  • Lower costs: The implementation of electronic signatures puts an end to the scanning, printing, and sending of documents, helping to free up physical storage space thanks to secure digital storage in the cloud. The more agile result allows cost reduction and faster operations.
  • Total scalability: VIDsigner electronic signature service is designed to respond to a wide range of companies and industries. This system adapts to companies that need to sign a few hundred documents as well as those that need to sign millions.
  • Close deals quickly: It improves the traceability of the sales process by providing security in the management and speeding up the sales process.

How does VIDsigner integration with Sage X3 work?

Multiple configurations

  • It allows multiple configurations, establishing the necessary parameters to generate and send the documents
  • Enables various types of signatories and types of signatures,
  • It is possible to specify charges, department, email, and telephone.

Highly customizable

  • Allows you to activate actions during the document's life cycle.
  • It is possible to set the number of reminders that will be sent to the recipient if they have not yet signed the document.
  • On the console, it enables the possibility of automatic checks to verify from time to time when all the documents have been signed.
  • The process of sending and receiving the documents can be customized with logos and corporate colors.
  • Within the PDF, it is possible to prove the Adobe green check, which confirms the validity of the document.
  • In the case of managing several companies, it is possible to assign a subscription and issuer name for each process and customize the signature processes with different logos and corporate identities.

Multiple signatures and custom positioning    

  • The configuration lets the sender define the location of the signature, which can be by position or anchored to a text within the PDF.
  • The sender can specify the name of the signature tab and the page number on which the signature should be placed.
  • Up to 20 signers can be included in each document.

Capture data easily        

In the admin console, the sender can check the status of all the documents sent to sign and also manually attach any document or external contract to SAGE (not generated by the system)

Use Cases

Everyday companies are faced with a large amount of documentation that must be exchanged and signed between different parties, such as employment contracts, policies, payrolls, assignments of responsibility, rental contracts, etc. On the other hand, there is a need to adapt to the digital transformation without it involving a large investment in time, money, resources, and people.

For this reason, Vento Abogados & Asesores, a legal services firm, with offices in A Coruña and Vigo, opted for a digital transformation implementing the electronic signature of VIDsigner through integration with Sage, to facilitate the signing of contracts by its professionals and optimize their efficiency.

VIDsigner facilitates the management of employment contracts (as well as provision contracts, payroll signatures, or work reports) in a completely electronic way through biometric signature, centralized, remote, or a combination of them thanks to hybrid systems that adapt to the most demanding mobility environments and even without the need for connection.

If you are evaluating electronic signature solutions, you can contact us to receive more information on how we can help your organization.

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Validated ID Team