Validated ID participates in a project to build the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) for the support of cross-border public services, an initiative created by the European Commission. EBSI is developing a strong and mature ecosystem that Validated ID is proud to be part of.

VIDidentity (previously VIDchain) is an SSI service that provides and ID wallet app that gives you control back of your digital identity and exchange digital credentials in a safe and secure manner. This ID wallet app is the key to the Self-Sovereign Identities experience.

EBSI does not provide a user ID wallet, but works with different providers in the private sector to develop manywallets compatible with EBSI’s tech stack.

Within the EBSI Early Adopters programme, we have been challenged to test our pilot in a real-life setting by taking part in the multi-university pilot. This has allowed us to test the interoperability of our solution, VIDidentity, with other key actors in the ecosystem to allow for the exchange of verifiable credentials.

The following step to building a solid ecosystem was to conduct a conformance test on the participating wallets to ensure that they are EBSI-compliant. As such, VIDidentity is the first solution to become EBSI compliant as part of EBSI's Early Adopters programme.

With VIDidentity, your personal information is always at your fingertips. Our goal is to create an open ecosystem of decentralized identity accessible to all, in collaboration with a number of national and international partners, such as Sovrin, DIF, and Alastria. Check out our demo.

Validated ID Team