The Sovrin Foundation has announced our incorporation as partner and Steward member of the Sovrin network. With more than 2.5 millions digital signatures successfully completed and over 660 clients located mainly in Spain, Germany, and LATAM, we are now the first Spanish company to become an official partner and member of the global reference network for Self-Sovereign Identity.

Validated ID’s inclusion in this international network implies one step further in the commitment to finally give real power to the user over his digital identity. As members of the Sovrin network, we will work with the foundation and other members such as Evernym, IBM and Cisco to develop this world leading Self-Sovereign Identity ecosystem.

In this regard, we rely on blockchain technology applied to Self-Sovereign Identity, which will enable a trustworthy model upon which people and business will be able to use and share private and personal information in a fully secure way.

Validated ID Team