VALENCIA YACHTING CENTER trusts in the VIDsigner digital signature for boat rental

  • 150 boat rental operations closed in a single season
  • Reduction of contract signing period from hours to minutes
  • Reduction of paper consumption by 99%: from 2,000 pages to 30 in one month

Valencia Yachting Center, located in Valencia and the Balearic Islands, has been offering boat rentals with or without a skipper.

Interview with Santigo Sánchez, Project Director of Valencia Yachting Center.

The challenge: What issues did Valencia Yachting Center face when managing nautical lease contracts?

To digitize the management of our boat rental company, we integrated our fleet into Andronautic software in early 2023 and eventually added the VIDsigner digital signature.

Before implementing VIDsigner's advanced electronic signature solution, all our contracts were signed on paper. We decided to integrate VIDsigner because we were spending a lot of time customizing each contract with each client, and then had to get them signed on paper. This process left room for possible human errors when preparing the contracts, which could have a huge impact. With VIDsigner, we can now streamline our contract process, reduce the risk of errors, and save time.

Valencia Yachting Center & VIDsigner electronic signatures

The solution: What benefits has the integration of VIDsigner digital signatures in the Andronautic boat rental software brought?

The Andronautic charter boat reservation management manager has been integrated with VIDsigner electronic signature to enable the sending of boat rental contracts in advance. This allows clients to read and sign the contract digitally from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, VIDsigner provides legal solvency by combining cryptography and biometrics to offer secure digital document signing.

We used to print 2,000 pages, but now we only print about 30 pages a month.

Previously, signing a contract in person took us 15 to 20 minutes, but now we can do it instantly and remotely, with just two clicks and from multiple devices.

We have also improved our pre-signing notice, which has significantly reduced the time customers can check in and enjoy their boat.

Additionally, the margin of error has been reduced to zero since we moved from preparing contracts in Word to a standardized, digitized system. Previously, if, for any reason, there was an error in the documentation or a last-minute change, the process had to start over from scratch.

The result: Do you think that your nautical management is now safer and faster?

VIDsigner has been of great help to us when it comes to meeting the objective of quickly managing contracts, payments, invoices, etc.

As a result, we have improved both the internal and customer experience. During our first season with this service, we signed more than 150 operations, all satisfactory.

A significant number of clients have congratulated us on the speed and ease of signing the contract. Being an online process, one might think that it is not suitable for all ages, but on the contrary, in two simple steps, you have the process done and validated!

VIDsigner electronic signature

VIDsigner: A 3-minute 100% digital signing protocol

The current process for signing a charter contract involves requesting information from the client through a unique link generated by AndroNautic. This link is specific to each reservation. Once all the necessary information has been gathered, the system generates the charter contract with the reservation and client data. The contract is then sent to the client for signature.  

This process can be completed in just 3 minutes and has the added benefit of automatic reminders that can be scheduled. In addition, expiration periods for the documentation can be defined in case of non-signature.

Validated ID Team