Synergie Spain is part of the Synergie Group, a multinational with more than 50 years of experiencededicated to the global management of Human Resources. The Group has 5,000 employees and operates in17 countries through its 800 offices. In 2021, it achieved a turnover of over €2.6 billion.

Synergie Group

In Spain, this company has over 45 branches and aims to establish a presence in the country's major economichubs. They provide comprehensive HR solutions, including recruitment, temporary work, training, HRconsulting, and outsourcing. Their mission is to connect businesses with talent to achieve perfect synergy, guided by values such as commitment, enthusiasm, responsibility, and customer focus. They also prioritize thedevelopment of human capital.

The challenge: Simplify the lives of their employees whileprotecting the environment 

In 2018, Synergie faced a significant challenge: reducing paper use in its business. They had a large volume ofdocumentation that had to be signed by temporary workers and clients before starting work activity. This needto reduce paper use led them to look for a solution to simplify the signing process and reduce its time andcomplexity.

One of the main problems they wanted to solve was the difficulty that workers had to go to their offices tosign before going to the client's office.
In addition, they needed to ensure that these workers completed theRisk Prevention training and signed the certificate in addition to complying with applicable laws and regulations.

With a large volume of contracts, the added challenge was integrating the electronic signature solution intotheir ERP and Risk Prevention Training platform to ensure that the signing process was as efficient andautomated as possible.

In summary, the need to reduce the use of paper and simplify the document signing process for temporaryworkers and clients, along with the need to comply with applicable laws and regulations, led Synergie toseek an electronic signature solution that could be integrated into your ERP and your Risk Preventiontraining platform.

Safety and environmental protection

Implementing the electronic signature service at Synergie was carried out under a solid commitment to theenvironment and ISO 14001 certification. The main objective was to improve agility and efficiency in processeswhile reducing carbon footprint. The initiative arose from the Systems department and the DigitalTransformation department, who worked together to identify opportunities for improvement in variousprocesses.

"With the implementation of the VIDsigner electronic signature service, we have significantlyimproved our processes' efficiency, reducing management times and costs associated withthe use of paper. At the same time, we have taken an important step in protecting theenvironment by reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing the negative impact that theuse of paper has on our environment".

Anna Preto, Responsible for Security Coordination in Information Systems

More efficient and secure business processeswith VIDsigner

Synergie uses the VIDsigner Remote Signature to simplify the management of all types of contracts with their B2B clients and internal staff: work contracts, confidentiality agreements, data use consents, and course certificates, among others.

With VIDsigner, Synergie workers sign remotely and in bulk from any device, dramatically streamlining the process of closing contracts and deals. On the other hand, this remote signature has allowed the certificates of the courses taught at Synergie to besigned directly from the Occupational Risk Prevention ERP.

Synergie has also integrated the electronic signature of the CPDs in the Client Portal to avoid having to leave the usual management system.

The result

Since implementing VIDsigner electronic signatures, Synergie has completed over 200,000 customers andover 2 million worker contract and documentation signatures.

VIDsigner has meant: considerable savings in time and costs; a reduction in human errors; an improvement ofthe company's image; total and immediate signature availability; a decrease in paper consumption; and thecomplete elimination of unnecessary travel.

VIDsigner digital signature
VIDsigner digital signature

In conclusion, Synergie is committed to offering innovative and efficient human resource management solutions and has found an excellent opportunity to improve its processes in electronic signature. VIDsigner has been instrumental in achieving faster and more efficient document signing processes, significantly improving the experience for both the client and Synergie's temporary workers.

Validated ID Team