In Validated ID, we have made our commitment to a more sustainable Christmas planting a new forest located in the Sierra de Gredos.

The “Zero Paper” challenge of Validated ID encompasses the relationship between intelligent technologies and sustainability to reduce environmental impact and raise awareness of the need to work efficiently.

Now, coinciding with Christmas, Validated ID celebrates that more than 100 trees ware planted in the Sierra de Gredos. Another milestone in the daily commitment of Validated ID to the respect for the environment and smart technologies in collaboration with the organization “Bosques Sostenibles,” a company dedicated to ensuring the future of Spanish forests.

Offset the climate impact and contribute to the reforestation of the planet is one more proof of our responsibility for a more sustainable Christmas.

Have you ever wondered how much of paper does the average person use per year?

ASPAPEL statistics say that a tree produces 8,500 sheets of paper, and each person uses more than 130 kg of paper (7 trees) in a year.

We are aware of the importance of the “Zero Paper” challenge, and we are helping to minimize its use, facilitating new technologies such as electronic signatures and digital identity by adapting to the processes in which we can make impact day by day.

We’ve shared a lot this year: work, vision, effort, and of course, good times, but also we want to share with you the impact we produce thanks to our work together this year.

Over 3 million documents were digitally signed this 2019. We’re making a difference, and we decided to plant 100 new trees, one for each partner to thank you for your collaboration: compensating CO2 and reducing the carbon footprint.

We pretend to recover the landscape and restore one of the native forests by planting cork oaks, holm oaks, white pines, and pine trees because we believe that reforestation is a powerful tool.

We leave you a summary of this action:

Validated ID Team