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Approving documents between departments, suppliers, and customers can become a very inefficient process if our organization is not able to adapt to remote situations and a 100% digital environment. In this context, an essential tool to bring speed, flexibility, and security to these tasks is to have a secure and automated workflow for the electronic collection of information. The integration of Validated ID electronic signatures with SAP helps to reduce costs and ensures that progress is tracked and legally binding e-signatures are obtained. 

Discover how VIDsigner electronic signatures integrated within SAP solutions can optimize your digital transactions

Companies that manage many documents daily can benefit from the integration of VIDsigner electronic signatures with SAP by getting their documents signed inside their SuccessFactors, Business One, By Design, S/4HANA, and ECC solutions directly in the SAP system and at lower costs.

  • SAP SuccessFactors: Simplify recruitment, get job offers signed quickly and speed up new hire paperwork as well as goals and many other documents. With VIDsigner, you can immediately send an offer to your candidate so he can sign it electronically. And for Human Resources professionals, it boosts an automated workflow that provides instant visibility of document progress.

  • SAP Business One: Accelerate sales and improve visibility and service. Thanks to VIDsigner's integration with SAP, you can close deals faster by eliminating the printing need and the waits for paperwork to be ready. Decision-makers can sign a document electronically, from anywhere. 
  • SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA: Manage signed deals quickly and securely from the ERP modules you use every day, improving core business processes and accelerating sales. Thanks to the connector between VIDsigner and SAP, the storage of documents is solved automatically with the ERP management itself. Integration with HCM allows the documents to be modified in Word and synchronized with SAP for signature submission. Also, it uses SAP masters to collect the information needed to invoke the signature process and allows the signature process to be monitored from within the ERP. This integration works with the standard SAP UI and FIORI.
  • SAP By Design: Agility for companies that need to adapt quickly to new opportunities. VIDsigner integrated with this SAP solution allows you to reduce administrative tasks where a lot of time is wasted on paper document management, but can also automate other tasks such as contract generation, sending between signatories, or archiving, which are integrated into SAP.

Manage securely processes requiring approval

Close the digital divide between contract creation and storage with a great user experience and speed of execution. Thanks to the integration of Validated ID's electronic signatures with SAP you can sign both documents generated within SAP and those that are external to SAP but must be signed and stored in SAP. Besides, it is possible to manage the sending of documents to be signed without leaving the solution itself, making this ERP a complete service from which transactions can be accelerated:

Main transactions by module:


  • Approvals
  • Contract adjustments
  • Payment approvals
  • Supplier contracts
  • Sales contracts
  • Service contracts
  • Consultancy contracts
  • Bills of lading
  • Sales quotations
  • Invoices
  • Orders
  • Amendments


  • Bonus agreements
  • Risk prevention documents 
  • Changes in hiring conditions
  • Dismissals and dismissals
  • Employment contracts
  • Guidelines for employees
  • Expense reports
  • Notifications to employees
  • Codes of conduct
  • Health and safety reports


  • Support agreements
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Conditions of use
  • Damage reports
  • Repair orders
  • Change requests
  • Approvals
  • Quality Control
  • Inventory control


  • License agreements
  • GDPR
  • Contract adjustments 
  • Property management
  • Declarations of intent
  • Changes of address
  • ISO compliance


  • Order processing
  • Compliance with procedures
  • Test protocols
  • Tracking
  • Waste disposal certificates
  • Delivery notes
  • Supplier agreements
  • Individual supplier orders
  • Shipping forms
  • Freight and storage agreements
  • Import and export agreements


  • Sales offers
  • Sales contracts
  • Account opening
  • Bank transfers
  • Lease agreements
  • NDA
  • Tariff changes
  • Price lists

The added value of VIDsigner digital signatures integrated with SAP

Simplify processes and streamline purchase orders, master service agreements, and requests for proposals with pre-established routing and approval workflows that accelerate business speed.

  • They reduce costs, the need to obtain information and signatures through printing, faxing, scanning, overnight delivery, and contract searches. 
  • They execute contracts faster, getting documents routed, signed, and returned online in minutes, anytime, from anywhere, on any device. 
  • They reduce risk and increase compliance. Use the software's full and legally binding audit trail to comply with internal policies, signature, and authority level requirements, and document retention policies. 
  • They improve visibility. See exactly where each document is in the process, who has to sign, and by when. 
  • Return on investment (ROI). They reduce costs and increase sustainability by eliminating paper transactions. 
  • Avoid human mistakes and save time in searching and sorting, and free up physical space.
  • Efficient processing. Automated data capture for fast and accurate data entry, push notifications.
  • Look & Feel SAP, user-friendly access, and familiar look & feel.

Key features of VIDsigner

  • Invocation of document signature process from any SAP transaction (supporting GOS) (Generic Object Services)
  • Automated send-to-sign capability for SAP-generated documents as external documents to be incorporated and stored in SAP
  • Document custody management by signing in the SAP ECC itself
  • Overview of the signing process 
  • PUSH notification to the applicant of the signature process, both programmed by email and manual by SMS
  • Configuring signature scenarios per SAP business object 
  • Detailed process logs from SAP 
  • Access control by SAP authorizations and roles
  • History of documentation processed
  • Allows you to enter comments on the processing
  • Transaction data associated with the document
  • Ease of locating the necessary supporting documentation, including it in the original document, signing it, and log the signing process

Key benefits and points of differentiation from other signature solutions 

One of the problems with conventional electronic signatures is that they are not always easy to integrate into the business processes of those who wish to use them in their IT systems.

When the VIDsigner signature service was designed, the emphasis was placed both on providing it with the maximum legal guarantees and on making it as easy as possible to integrate with any management software. These are REST services that facilitate integration with any type of software.

VIDsigner electronic signatures integrated with SAP are designed to improve the user experience and manage the sending of documents to be signed without leaving the ERP solution itself. In developing our connector we have focused on the people sending documents to be signed so that the signing of documents is simple and does not require any additional training or change management, because it all happens within SAP. Our integration facilitates greater flexibility in the processes, as SAP as a platform allows the development of any functionality/ workflow in an integrated manner. Also, the SAP component has been developed by Seidor, one of the largest SAP partners worldwide. 

We have been able to offer our customers a user experience within SAP, with minimal impact and the learning curve on new processes.

Josep Andreba [SAP Development Area, Seidor]

Our main point of differentiation from other signature solutions is that we offer different digital signature mechanisms suitable for any scenario that adapt to your needs: whether it is a handwritten signature on a tablet (BIO), remotely with a smartphone (REMOTE), through a qualified personal certificate (CENTRALISED), with a company digital certificate for unassisted processes (STAMPER) or with certified communications (E-Delivery).

Discover the key benefits of VIDsigner with SAP:

  • No additional training or change management is required, it all happens within SAP.
  • More legal robustness, we are a qualified Trusted Service Provider according to Regulation (EU) 910/2014 (eIDAS).
  • More possibilities of use, as we offer a wide range of signature types.
  • Solves the custody of documents automatically with the ERP's own document management system.
  • It uses SAP masters to collect information needed to invoke the signature process: employees, documents, customers, suppliers, and contact persons.
  • Automates the entire shipment, performing the issuance, signatures, and custody unattended.
  • Globally observe the signing process from within the ERP and receive a notification when it is complete.
  • The evidence of the signature is self-contained in the document itself and therefore within SAP. Allows independence from the service provider in the event of legal proceedings, unlike other signature solutions that hold the evidence and make the client dependent on the provider. 

Validated ID Team