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Validated ID is the first company specializing in digital signatures to obtain the HDS certificate

We have recently become the first company specializing in electronic signatures to receive the Hébergeurs de Données de Santé (HDS) certificate. This certificate is already mandatory in France and it’s issued by the French Ministry of Health in order to promote secure and private measures when handling data related to health, diagnoses and medical attention within its borders.

The Hébergeurs de Données de Santé (HDS) certification is required for cloud service providers that host personal health data. This set of requirements enforces safety when providing prevention and diagnostic services as well as other health related services. Our certificate was issued on October 19, 2021 and is valid until October 18, 2024.

To obtain the HDS certification, service providers must implement security and privacy measures that safeguard patients' personal health information. As part of these measures, strong authentication and authorization procedures, robust backup systems and strong encryption are employed.

HDS Healthcare Data Storage

At Validated ID, we offer remote, biometric and centralized electronic signature services and we handle large volumes of personal data on a daily basis hence we are fully aware of the importance of handling it correctly and the shared responsibility between companies and governments so it fills us with pride and satisfaction to be pioneers in obtaining this certificate of excellence.

Digital signatures in the health sector

In the daily life of a hospital, there are many interactions that require the signature of patients in the hospital: transfer of data, informed consent, etc. This information is usually incorporated manually into the computer system, increasing costs, inefficiencies and legal conflicts arising from the processing of sensitive information.

Our digital solution improves the patient experience while increasing healthcare productivity and process efficiency.

The electronic signature is the perfect solution for information processing based on regulatory compliance. Easily adaptable to each use case in the healthcare industry, the various signature channels ensure a better patient experience and better coordination with the centers. In addition, with VIDsigner, health centers improve administrative processes, reduce environmental impact and optimize internal and external operations.

At Validated ID we put all our knowledge and experience into short guides. Download our whitepaper and find out why, thanks to the VIDsigner electronic signature services, the health sector obtains great technical and legal security while improving satisfaction and interaction between patients and healthcare providers.

Ebook Electronic Signatures Healthcare
Ebook Electronic Signatures Healthcare

On the other hand, at Validated ID we are already consolidating ourselves as one of the most robust companies in the digital security, electronic signature and digital identity verification sectors, both in Spain and abroad, and we have obtained several awards from companies of excellence such as Telefónica, Cuatrecases, Acelera, Open Future and Alastria, among others.

What are the advantages of obtaining the Hébergeurs de Données de Santé (HDS) certificate?

In addition to ensuring the good handling of personal data related to patients by Validated ID, this certificate involves several audits and the certification bodies inform the competent French authorities at least once a month about the status of the certificates, so there is a lot transparency and anyone can access the updated list of certified companies on the Agence de Numérique en Santé (ANS) website. This new system makes it easy to find a certified French subcontractor with whom to collaborate.

On the other hand, it is recommended for French companies to work with a digital signature services provider that has the Hébergeurs de Données de Santé (HDS) certification in France. Both companies will depend on the same French and European law that protects them and it avoids having to contemplate possible clauses in case of dispute.

Validated ID is a Trust Service Provider under the regulation (EU) 910/2014, better known as the eIDAS regulation. What does it mean?

It means that the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation recognizes us as a qualified trust service provider in the certified electronic delivery modality. This European regulation has the objective of creating a secure environment in relation to electronic transactions carried out between clients, companies and public administrations within the European Union.

The Regulation (EU) 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services (EIDAS) has given a new impetus to third-party services. VIDsigner is configured as a trusted service in the eIDAS field, being able to obtain qualified signatures in the appropriate contexts.

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