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In the age of Google Meet or Zoom meetings, it is no surprise that the growing digital transformation is among the top trends in real estate and will have the most significant long-term impact in the coming years.

The report Emerging Trends in Real Estate in Europe 2021, prepared by PwC and Urban Land Institute (ULI), presents a sector in full transformation. It also shows how the pandemic has accelerated the use of technology and the implementation of trends such as remote working and the digitisation of processes.

Digital transformation in the real estate sector, then and now

The incursion of new technologies has been one of the determining factors in recent years for the digital transformation in the real estate sector, but it was understood in terms of the use of digital platforms to promote properties in order to gain more visibility.   

On the other hand, in the last year, real estate technology has experienced a significant acceleration and specialists maintain that it will emerge stronger after the coronavirus crisis. Customer perception has evolved and the demand for the use of tools such as 360º virtual tours and digital signatures are here to stay.

It is logical, considering that with the traditional methods of signing on paper or visiting a property, your clients had to physically travel to sign the required documentation or view the property. There is no doubt that these processes slow down the closing of deals and make it very difficult to follow up on ongoing transactions.

Therefore, among the new trends in the real estate sector we find digital solutions that improve productivity and minimise travel.

Save time and close sales on the spot without leaving your CRM

The digital signature for real estate is a mere evolution of the paper signature, which allows the signing of all documents that accompany the real estate agent's work. By using our electronic signature service, real estate agents have much more operational flexibility, as they are freed from coordinating buyers and sellers with different schedules and geographic locations to close a sale. Your clients and estate agents will be able to sign contracts for rent, sale, lease or deposit, and accept offers from any mobile device, tablet or PC, quickly, safely and with maximum legal security.

With VIDsigner e-signatures you can keep up with the speed of business and sign all your digital documentation remotely and without leaving your CRM.

Real estate companies that manage many contracts related to their real estate portfolio on a daily basis can benefit from the integration of VIDsigner electronic signatures with SAP by getting their documents signed within the SAP Real Estate Management solution.  

4 reasons to implement the electronic signature service in your real estate agency

1. Closing sales immediately
Real estate agencies using VIDsigner get 99% of their contracts digitally signed.

2. Substantial reduction of face-to-face processes
With electronic signatures your customers can sign documents from any device: mobile, tablet or PC and anywhere. No need to install any software.

3. Improved customer satisfaction
Our service allows real estate agents to communicate a rate change or receive a signed contract without the need for the two parties to meet in the same physical space.

4. Possibility of integration within a CRM
VIDsigner e-signatures are easily integrated into third-party solutions, allowing for greater productivity and coordination.

As you can see, it is a solution that understands the needs of your customers and your company.

Main use cases of e-signatures in real estate companies

Our different digital signature mechanisms cover any scenario and adapt perfectly to the needs of your real estate agency or your clients: whether it is a handwritten signature on a tablet (BIO), remotely with a smartphone (REMOTE), by means of a qualified personal certificate (CENTRALISED) or reliable communications by email (E-Delivery).

The most common uses of signing documents that you can carry out as a real estate agency can be divided into 5 main sections: rentals, sales and purchases, administration, construction companies and developers.


  • Contract renewals 
  • Termination notices to tenants 
  • Assignment of powers of attorney
  • Subscriptions, cancellations and changes of ownership of utility contracts 
  • Tenant's home insurance
  • Authorisation to request tenant references
  • Notification of non-payment
  • Payment authorisations (bank transfers)

Buying and selling

  • Deposits
  • Purchase orders
  • Contract for publication of advertisements on real estate portals
  • Property showing reports
  • Inventory of properties
  • Home insurance
  • Terms and conditions
  • Agreements with third parties
  • Acceptance of offers and counter-offers


  • Appointments and visits
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Conditions of use
  • Damage report
  • Repair orders
  • Change requests
  • Approvals
  • Data protection

Construction companies

  • Contract with subcontractors
  • Contract with company
  • Purchase orders
  • RFQ
  • Documentation relating to certificates and inspections
  • Human Resources
  • GDPR
  • PPE management
  • Purchasing cycle


  • GDPR in showflats in developments
  • Contract with real estate agencies: general agreements
  • Contracts with construction company
  • Contracts for sale of real estate assets
  • Purchase orders
  • RFQ
  • Documentation relating to certificates and inspections
  • Human resources

GRUPPISO success story

Find out how other real estate agencies have improved customer satisfaction thanks to the immediacy in closing sales and rentals, and the reduction of face-to-face processes.

GRUPPISO is a real estate agency with more than 20 years' experience in the sale and rental of all types of properties (flats, commercial properties, parking spaces, etc.).

Since its creation, their objective has been to offer 100% satisfaction to all their clients and to grow in its range of services, with the possibility of making remote presentations of properties directly on the buyer's smartphone and offering other services such as legal and tax advice or advice on wills, inheritances, signatures in notaries' offices or negotiations with banks.

The GRUPPISO real estate agency manages the signing of around 600 contracts a year, including purchase and sale contracts, deposit contracts, insurance policies and other related documents. Thanks to VIDsigner's electronic signatures and its integration with RICsigner, they keep their business up to date and have seen significant savings in time and cost, according to CEO Pedro García.

The implementation of the electronic signature was a major development in the development in management.
99% of our documents are digitally signed digitally and we have eliminated many face-to-face meetings.

Pedro García Gruppiso Real Estate Management

Validated ID Team