Less paper and more digitization for freelancers and SMEs

Using paper in many SMB and freelance business processes is taking a new path toward paperless culture. Implementing tools to increase or improve productivity, such as digital signatures, has become essential.  

Digital transformation is the process by which an organization attempts to integrate digital technology into all business areas in a way that completely changes how it delivers value to customers. 

Owners or employees of small to medium-sized businesses often perform multiple roles, including using paper and the handwritten signature of documents in different departments, including sales, marketing, human resources, finance, and legal. These operations are necessary to keep the business afloat, including paper printing, scanning, messaging, and filing. This process becomes more complicated as the volume of business grows, which can slow it down. 

For this, it is essential to streamline and automate, as much as possible, all document processes so as not to interfere with the time dedicated to critical functions of the company: business development and customer service.

Why is it beneficial for SMEs and the self-employed to opt for electronic signatures?

Electronically signing any document offers you the following:  

  • Reduce office expenses and time around printing, mailing, scanning, and managing multiple copies of paper documents.  
  • Reduced environmental impact.  
  • Possibility of completing document management at any time, place, and device.  
  • Total protection of the identity of the signer and the content of the documents.  
  • Reduction of human errors, such as duplication or alteration of the document itself.  
  • Improved user experience for both the document issuer and the signatory.  
  • Reduction of approval and signature times.  
  • Greater customer satisfaction. 

In addition, using electronic signatures guarantees that the document you are viewing is authentic, that the document's content has not been modified or tampered with, and that the person who created the document is correctly identified. In short, signing electronically is critical to boosting any business and reinforcing security and legal robustness. 

If you are an SME or self-employed and need to improve digitization, this is an excellent opportunity to accelerate and innovate your business proposal. 

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Send2sign package VIDsigner
Send2sign package VIDsigner

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