Cuatrecasas, the leading law firm in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America, has 26 offices in 12 countries and is committed to innovation and personalized customer service. We spoke with Francesc Muñoz, CIO of Cuatrecasas, to learn more about how VIDsigner 's multichannel electronic signatures have helped this law firm speed up the signing of legal documents.

The Challenge: agility and legal security when signing legal documents from anywhere

Legal security was one of the key points that motivated Cuatrecasas to opt for the electronic signature solution as a legally valid method to formalize documents. 

The law firm identified the importance of optimizing signing procedures, especially non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and supplier-related documents. Likewise, it sought to minimize the difficulties related to signing documents that required multiple signatories located in different places, given that, through the traditional method, Cuatrecasas lawyers were forced to use conventional messaging.  

The compilation of all the signatures, with the consequent investment of time, required joining the sheets to the original document. In addition to being inefficient and ineffective, this practice represented paper management that needed to change. 

In turn, Cuatrecasas's key challenge was to find a qualified trust service provider according to the eIDAS regulations, which complied with the most demanding legal requirements and did not guard the signature's evidence. Unlike other signature providers, VIDsigner generates a PDF with the evidence of each signer, which allows proof of the signature to be used in case of litigation without having to depend on the signature provider.

The solution: VIDsigner, a legal electronic signature service integrated with the Send2sign platform

  For Cuatrecasas, the decision to use services from trusted firms was not based solely on technological or cost considerations. 

When we face processes with legal implications, such as signing documents that leave our offices, a third significant factor usually comes into play: responsibility. The use of trusted providers such as Validated ID to formalize relevant legal transactions requires legal certainty, a guarantee of neutrality, and responsibility.  

Francesc Muñoz, CIO of Cuatrecasas  

Protection and confidentiality of documents

Validated ID stands out among its competitors for these characteristics: 

  • Legal security. He is a specialist in the field who ensures that all procedures systematically comply with legal regulations. 
  • Neutrality. It controls the environment of regulatory changes (such as the European eIDAS regulation) and ensures the prevention of manipulation; therefore, there is no need for any involved party to control this environment. 
  • Responsibility. A precious feature of the electronic signature service is intrinsically linked to the provision of qualified trust services from Validated ID.

Good document management is achieved through the integration of the VIDsigner multichannel electronic signatures and the Send2sign document management platform

Send2sign is a cloud platform developed by Validated ID partner QualitaHUB to manage the document signing process with the VIDsigner multichannel electronic signature service. This platform allows all digital documents to be sent, managed, monitored, and stored from anywhere and on any device. In addition, it will enable you to create recurring and sporadic signers, create document templates, run batch processes, and set reminders, among others. 

Cuatrecasas, through this integration, is intended to modernize, automate, and simplify basic and repetitive processes. 

The result: digitization, from start to finish, both the signing process and document custody

Thanks to the VIDsigner electronic signature, we have streamlined and decentralized the contract signing process while strengthening the governance and security of the signature. Likewise, it has allowed us to digitize, from start to finish, both the process and the documentary custody.

Francesc Muñoz, CIO Cuatrecasas 

For Cuatrecasas, one of the primary benefits of adopting tools like VIDsigner was that it allowed them to simplify a routine task such as signing contractual or corporate documentation with the maximum legal guarantees. 

VIDsigner's service expedited the signing of contracts with clients, confidentiality agreements, intellectual property, internal regulatory compliance documents, minutes, and certifications of councils and boards, among others. 

Maximum legal evidence and a secure and straightforward signing process

Validated ID ensures that each signing process gathers the maximum amount of evidence possible, from biometric information during the electronic signature process on a tablet (speed, tilt, pressure, etc.) to two-factor authentication, IP, and more in the digital signature with a smartphone. 

In addition, thanks to using the electronic signature with the Send2sign platform, Cuatrecasas eliminated storage costs. All signed documentation is now stored securely in the cloud.  The Cuatrecasas law firms can now say goodbye to paper and, in turn, join the Validated ID zero-paper challenge, which aims to promote business sustainability.

Validated ID Team