Companies looking to lead in 2021 need to get a new set of tools to reinvent the way they operate and improve the experience of their employees. A study conducted by Deloitte among Human Resources executives on the main trends to watch in business for 2021, highlights that companies today need to focus on three principles that must work together:

- Building an organizational culture that celebrates growth, adaptability, and resilience

- Building workforce capability through upskilling, reskilling, and mobility

- Implementing new technologies in work processes to improve productivity

In the environment of human capital management, it is necessary to learn how to cover the gap between the new needs of people and the implementation of new tools that enhance the inefficiencies that are still being dragged on. And in this scenario, the use of electronic signatures integrated within the company's usual software and with legal guarantees is a crucial tool to facilitate the obtaining of agreements.

The overload of tasks in the HR departments such as the signing of employment contracts, policies, payrolls, assignments of responsibility, documentation of internal rules, teleworking agreements, ERTEs, consent forms, authorisations, expense reports, bonus agreements or any type of labour documentation that continues to be managed on paper, drastically reduces productivity. 

A good practice to reduce the burden and facilitate the management of employee's is to ensure the digital processing of agreements. Thanks to an integrated process, many tasks can be fully automated, and documentation signed remotely, ensuring that 95% of agreements are completed in less than 48 hours.  

The use of electronic signatures also improves the experience of employees by helping recruiters to work more quickly and efficiently, making employee recruitment a simple process. For companies like Acttiv, this allows it to have real-time information from a network of more than 2,500 collaborators, points out Dorina Huhu, head of Digital Transformation at Acttiv.

Electronic signatures help us to increase satisfaction 
of our employees and to keep the focus on innovation 
and sustainability as the pillars of our organization. 

Another positive impact is that it facilitates information retrieval and eliminates the need for physical archiving. The signing of a document can be integrated into the dynamics of any pre-existing process and does not affect the usual workflow, but improves it. Mª Jesús Arconada, COVAP's Labour Relations and Administration Coordinator, also highlights the number of physical documents that have been digitised thanks to the integration of VIDsigner electronic signature with the Castilla Group Epsilon Human Resources software.

We have managed to digitise more than 700 contracts a year, more than 
11,000 sheets. To this must be added copies, letters of termination, 
documentation for the legal representation of workers... 

The advantage of using an electronic signature service such as VIDsigner, which is already integrated with the principal HR software such as Sage, SAP ECC and S/4HANA, SAP Success Factors, or Meta4, is that the whole process starts and ends within the employee's usual software workflow. An integrated solution facilitates the management of multiple situations, from situations in production plants to signing contracts remotely, teleworking or meetings through virtual platforms, improving the experience of new incorporations and renewals, as they can sign from any location. 

Would you like to know how to transform your department using VIDsigner electronic signatures in Human Resources?

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