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VIDsigner multi-channel electronic signature service


Become a VIDsigner Partner and transform your service offerings

By becoming a VIDsigner partner (VIDpartner), you will be able to integrate the most advanced electronic signature technology into your current solutions, providing your customers with a powerful and secure tool for document management. In addition, you strengthen your brand, reach more customers and have access to the best distribution prices available in the market.

Partnership options

Integrate VIDsigner into your product and benefit from the added value it brings. By joining the Validated ID partner network, you can develop everything your customers need and gain access to a wide range of solutions to address any scenario.
As a VIDsigner distributor you gain market share by helping your customers with the electronic signature solutions that best suit their business, from choosing the right devices and connector to after-sales support.

VIDsigner competitive advantages

Security and compliance
Validated ID is a Qualified Trust Service Provider for the issuance of electronic certificates and time stamps in compliance with the eIDAS regulation. Our electronic signature service VIDsigner meets the highest security standards.
Multi-channel signature
VIDsigner offers a complete solution for signing documents, both in face-to-face and remote situations, using advanced cryptographic and biometric technologies to provide a secure way to identify the signer and guarantee the integrity of the signed document.
Easy integration
Our API Rest connects easily with more than 150 software applications, including medical software, records management, human resources, sales, and logistics solutions. We tailor our solutions to your specific business needs, giving you the ability to grow with us.
Strong, legally binding evidence
VIDsigner ensures the legal validity of every signature with a complete collection of evidence, including biometrics, two-factor authentication, and certification to the highest standards.
Go to market strategy based on a strong partner network
More than 360 partners and 3500 satisfied customers across 35 countries in a wide range of industries. VIDsigner is designed to integrate with your solutions, adding value and accelerating the process of obtaining signatures for your customers.


Validated ID is a qualified, trusted service provider under EU regulations.
is a decentralized self-sovereign digital identity service for processes involving identity verification, such as onboarding and KYC, in compliance with GDPR, eIDAS, PSD2, AML, and anti-fraud policies, with the possibility to include blockchains and DLTs in these services. An innovative project to create intelligent and digital administration management.
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