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The comprehensive clinical management system that facilitates your day-to-day work by optimizing your resources in a simple and productive way. Ticmedic allows the clinic to enjoy a comprehensive clinical history system, configurable by specialties, with the best interconnection with DICOM machines of all manufacturers through a unique software capable of managing your files and importing to CD.

Main Characteristics

  • Multiplatform: Ticmedic runs on PC, MAC and LINUX, on-premises or in the cloud, in a secure environment that allows you to fully manage your clinic and store patient records for various specialties, as well as diagnostic imaging.
  • Compatible: Manages and integrates all types of DICOM and HL7 messages from medical devices of different brands, even with non 100% standard protocols, thus avoiding the need to use the manufacturer's own software.
  • No initial investment: It is a progressive customized investment with a monthly fee system that adapts to your real needs without the need to make an initial investment in infrastructure.
  • Simple: Facilitates the daily work of doctors with agenda management, clinical history of various specialties, report engine and connection between systems.
  • Complete: Performs all deliverables to the patient: consents, reports, advice, image printing, CD generation and much more.
  • Secure: Complies with the requirements of the regulations on personal data protection at a high level.

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