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At Lliure TIC we have more than 15 years of experience. We offer the management of ICT projects and services with free technologies and software for different sectors. We work with free software and technologies because they allow our clients to have control.

Main Characteristics

We offer 4 different services:

  • ERP/CRM for business management: Purchases, sales, stocks, POS, project management... and much more.
  • Comprehensive website management services: Design, programming, domain, hosting, SSL certificates, email, web positioning, digital marketing, backup copies, updates, maintenance...
  • Comprehensive mobile application management services: Design, programming, publication in the Google Play Store, updates, maintenance...
  • ICT Consulting: We analyze and advise on the best options for companies, associations and individuals, to optimize time and costs, and we provide personalized training in technologies and free software.
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