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Public Sector
Free open source solution for the complete and flexible digital transformation of public administration.

Main Characteristics

Our competitive experience compared to other solutions and companies in the market leads us to highlight the following advantages:

  • REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: Adapted to legislative changes with sufficient time in advance.
  • AGE INTEGRATION: Platform developed to integrate with AGE tools: @firma, Archive, Cl@ve, Apoder@, Habilit@, Notific@, SIR...
  • CHANGE MANAGEMENT: Easy and fast, operational platform in record time.
  • FREE SOFTWARE: Our solutions are delivered under GPL3 license.
  • EXTERNAL INTEGRATION: Integration bus for the combination of third party applications
  • COMMUNITY: A space where entities collaborate, share, communicate and are listened to.
  • SECURE CLOUD: Enables deployment in the cloud or on your infrastructure
  • FREE PLATFORM: All the infrastructure on which we work is free: no licensing fees.
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