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CarmenDental UX, the computerized management software for dental clinics, gives you total control of your clinic without any effort on your part, with a comprehensive service.

Main Characteristics

  • Hygiene and ease of use: In dentistry, keyboard and mouse do not do their job effectively for many reasons. They are tools that get in the way in the dental office environment and require staff training in their use.
  • Handling of photographs: Both the Systematic handling of the photographs, the scanned radiographs and the sheets of paper of ancient history, once scanned, although they have different sections in the application, are handled in a similar way.
  • Appointment calendar: Good management of the agenda - and of waiting room and working times - is one of the little secrets of successful clinics. Without a good computerized management system, it is impossible to perform this task correctly.
  • The time sheet: The day's control sheet is a fundamental part of the System as it contains a list of all the scheduled patients shown in a very graphic and practical way, with information on waiting and attendance times.

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