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Validated ID +
Validated ID +

Boost your productivity and ensure high-level security

Make your accounting operations more efficient by integrating VIDsigner electronic signatures with Sage. This connection guarantees faster agreements and the immediate availability of the signed documents: when a document is saved in Sage’s Document Management, it is automatically sent to VIDsigner and gets back to Sage once it’s signed. 

VIDsigner enables the approvals for multiple processes such as employment contracts, policies, payrolls, assignments of responsibility, rental contracts, invoices, and reports without leaving your Sage environment. 

This integration is available for Sage X3. For other Sage solutions, please contact us.


VIDsigner is an electronic signature service that enhances document approval for every scenario, for both face-to-face requirements (signature with tablet),remote working (with a smartphone) or even with digital certificates and unassisted signatures (Centralized and Stamper).

For persons who receive documents relating to the company:
  • VIDsigner facilitates transactions at any time, anywhere, and on any device.
For employees who submit documents to the company:
  • It improves the traceability of the approval’s process, provides security and speeds up agreements.
  • It allows you to sign documents external to Sage or use forms and questionnaires prior to signing the document
  • It prevents the loss of documentation or paper duplicates. Also, there is no need to re-enter the information manually, reducing the risk of errors.

For the following:
  • In the admin console, the sender can check the status of all the documents sent to sign and also manually attach any document internal or external to SAGE (not generated by the system).
  • Free up physical storage space thanks to secure digital storage in the cloud. The more agile result allows cost reduction and faster operations.


Enjoy the benefits of a partnership

Sage EN
The integration with Sage was very affordable and made possible a high-value solution, simple to implement and easy to use for all users.
Joan Ramon Sola
Control Group
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