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Validated ID +
Validated ID +

Streamline workflow and improve user experience in signing processes

Thanks to our partners' connectors, we can integrate the VIDsigner multichannel electronic signature service into Microsoft Business Central, Sharepoint, and Teams. These connectors allow you to digitally sign all types of documents - commercial, purchase and sale, invoices, budgets, and others - with VIDsigner without the need to leave the Microsoft work environment.

The VIDsigner electronic signature service allows you to sign documents without leaving your environment and guarantees the authenticity of the commercial information that is signed and managed within this ecosystem.

These integrations offer a unique signing experience in which both the sender and the receiver decide the signing method that best suits their needs and even combine several signing mechanisms in case they need to combine remote and face-to-face signing within the same document.


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VIDsigner signatures integrated into Microsoft put people first and offer a perfect collaboration service, so signing is no longer a cost but an advantage.

For persons who receive documents relating to the company:
  • Easy access and without the need for technological knowledge. The process is completed in a matter of minutes.
  • Guarantee in the process that what you see is what you sign.
For employees who submit documents to the company:
  • It simplifies the configuration and flow of the documents to be signed. It offers a multichannel signature service adapted to both face-to-face and remote situations.
  • Business Central, Sharepoint, and Teams solutions simplify obtaining customer signatures.
  • It allows easy access from any device and does not require prior knowledge.

For the following:
  • It makes it possible to sign multiple documents with one certificate.
  • It boosts the process of the departments absorbing any increase in the volume of documents and improving performance since the response time is reduced.
  • It speeds up and digitizes the sending and receiving of signatures since real-time monitoring of the status of the signatures is achieved.
  • Lowers costs by creating workflows and document management that simplify the traditional signature process.
  • Reduces the space dedicated to storing files.
  • Provides high legal and legal validity: delivery of the evidence document once the signing process is complete.

Enjoy the benefits of a partnership

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