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Validated ID +
Validated ID +

Increased speed and security

DocuWare considers VIDsigner digital signature the most reliable under the European eIDAS Regulation and the easiest to use on the market.

VIDsigner's integration in DocuWare allows users to sign or send documents to sign(contracts, invoices, etc.) without having to leave this business management ecosystem. On the other hand, VIDsigner certifies through various mechanisms that the signed copy is authentic, that it has not been modified or tampered with, and that the person who signed it has been correctly identified.  

The DocuWare Signature Service, integrated with VIDsigner electronic signatures, ensures the authenticity of critical business information and complies with today's security requirements.  


The DocuWare Signature Service integrated with VIDsigner electronic signatures enhances DocuWare workflows and enables organizations to conduct business as usual with legally binding signatures.  

Highly secure signature mechanisms:  

  • Speed and simplicity: sign from anywhere, on any device, at any time.  
  • Guarantee that the document signed can't be altered.  
  • The integrity of the signature is endorsed and guaranteed by the most prestigious national and international standards.  

For persons who receive documents relating to the company:
For employees who submit documents to the company:

Biometric signature: to sign by hand on a tablet in face-to-face settings.

  • Biometric data, such as pressure, acceleration, and typing speed, are captured and embedded in the document with the signature.  
  • Long-term signature Validation Standard (Pades -b-LT)  
  • WYSIWYS Guarantee (What you see is what you sign)  
  • Easy integration via Rest API  
  • Offline signature option  
  • Time stamps for each signature  
  • ISO standard (Commonly used devices tested - Tablets)  

Remote signature: to sign from any place, device, and time in remote scenarios.

  • The signer accesses the document through an email and signs it after entering a one-time password received by SMS.  
  • Gather evidence (email, OTP, mobile number, IP, browser, etc.)  
  • 2-factor authentication (Email +SMS or other recognized factors)  
  • Signature option with qualified certificates locally or remotely  
  • Strong ID authentication option  
  • WYSIWYS Guarantee (What you see is what you sign)  
  • Time stamps for each signature  
  • Multi-device (Laptop, tablet, smartphone)

For the following:

Centralized signature: to sign with a qualified electronic certificate in remote and on-site scenarios.

Our centralized signature allows the user to carry out procedures from anywhere and store digital certificates securely (on an HSM server) in the cloud so that they can use them anywhere, at any time.  

  • Batch signing capability  
  • Option to connect to certificate stores of other providers such as of a European Qualified Trust Service Provider
  • WYSIWYS Guarantee (What you see is what you sign)  
  • Time stamps for each signature  
  • Multi-device (Laptop, tablet, smartphone)  

Enjoy the benefits of a partnership

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Our goal is simple, to provide our customers with a secure and fast solution to insert electronic signatures directly into the workflow.
Dr. Michael Berger
President of DocuWare
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