TRUSSIHEALTH addresses the sharing and storage of sensitive health data and proposes decentralized sharing systems based on SSI.


Key Project Drivers

Validated ID, Ontochain

The Project

TRUSSIHEALTH tackles issues related to the exchange and storage of sensitive health data in HL7 FHIR format and proposes a decentralized, trustworthy health information exchange system that applies the self-sovereign identity (SSI) concepts as well as related technologies by the new eIDAS v2 regulation. SSI describes a novel identity management system that controls the user's identity and associated data. Data portability and data interoperability are two of the main principles of SSI.  

One of the main objectives of eIDAS v2 is self-controlled user data, which conflicts with health data in the HL7 FHIR data format. 

To add trust in the transformed health data, TRUSSIHEALTH will utilize the so-called eIDAS bridge, which allows qualified and advanced electronic signatures on VCs. This way, confidence, and legal value are added to the transformed health data VC.  

By doing this, TRUSSIHEALTH will allow users to store and exchange a copy of their health data and use it wherever they want in a privacy-preserving way. 


  • Offers a service to convert the patient’s health data into verifiable credential data  
  • Enables health data portability  
  • Enhances health data privacy
  • Seals verifiable credentials using qualified certificates
  • Makes existing SSI technology scalable and interoperable  
  • Offers more security for end users
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