TRACE4EU designs and tests holistic solutions built on European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) to secure product and data traceability and make processes in decentralized ecosystems evident against 3rd parties, including long-term preservation.


Key Project Drivers

Key Project Drivers: Validated ID, EBSI, European Commission.

The Project

TRACE4EU has been selected by the European Commission to design and test holistic solutions based on the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI). This project seeks to ensure the traceability of products and data and make processes in decentralized ecosystems evident to third parties, including long-term preservation. The TRACE4EU pilot project will begin in June 2023. Validated ID is among 50 European organizations and companies shaping and improving the future of EBSI and is developing solutions to track transactions, documents, and identities in decentralized ecosystems to ensure transparency and long-term preservation.

TRACE4EU is set to make great strides in advancing blockchain technology globally.


  • Build a Distributed Ledger Technology for Europe.
  • Secure product and data traceability and preservation in decentralized ecosystems.
  • Create verifiable cross-border services for public administrations through blockchain.
  • Improve future evolutions of EBSI.
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