At Validated ID , our focus from the beginning has been to create digitizing solutions focused on minimizing the use of paper, respecting the environment, and helping in the fight against deforestation.

The Zero Paper Challenge VIDsigner

Forests supply 75% of the planet's fresh water, are home to around 80% of all terrestrial species, and generate 75% of the most used pharmaceuticals. On the other hand, forests help prevent floods and landslides and reduce dust and sand storms, among other natural disasters.

Unfortunately, the last half-century has involved the highest cost of deforestation in human history, destroying 15 percent of the world's vegetation surface, equivalent to the territory of Spain, Portugal, and France. Deforestation, habitat destruction, and the unsustainable intensification of animal and agricultural production are some of the leading causes of the appearance of zoonotic diseases such as COVID-19.

According to the figures from the latest Deforestation Fronts report published by the NGO WWF in 2021, Spain causes the deforestation of 32,900 hectares of jungle each year, and the European Union is responsible for 16 percent of imported tropical deforestation. At this rate, tropical rainforests and rainforests could disappear completely within 100 years if deforestation continues.

300 trees planted since 2019 (1 tree for each partner)

Without a doubt, Christmas is a particular time that has largely lost its original context. However, it still serves to unite families and encourage us to reflect. The simplicity of Christmas decorations is a reminder that nature is a source of reflection and inspiration. Nature is a fundamental part of our lives and is the reason for our existence.

Therefore, at Validated ID we take advantage of these festive periods to contribute to preserving nature. In 2019, we started a Christmas campaign to help prevent this situation by reforesting the forests, and, as a result, we planted 100 trees in Spain in collaboration with Bosques Sostenibles, an organization dedicated to ensuring the future of the Spanish forests.

This December 2023, thanks to our growth and the commitment of our 300 partners, we planted 200 more trees again through Bosques Sostenibles.

Although there are only eight years left to achieve the global goals of stopping and reversing deforestation before 2030, and none of the global indicators are on track, at Validated ID we try to alleviate the consequences of climate change and deforestation by creating digitizing services that replace the use of paper.   

Thanks to VIDsigner, the cutting of 20,000 trees has been prevented

This year, we have managed to reach 40 million signatures made with VIDsigner
since 2011, so we want you to see what this means:

From one tree, you get 16 reams of white paper (8000 sheets). If we calculate that for each signature made with VIDsigner, an average of four sheets of paper have been stopped printing, 40 million digital signatures are equivalent to 160,000,000 sheets of paper, that is, 20,000 trees.
If one organization of about 100 employees that previously signed 25,000 4-page documents a year on paper decides to implement VIDsigner, it will avoid cutting down 12 trees yearly. Not to mention that the species used to produce this type of paper need between 10 and 13 years.

These figures don't even consider the environmental impact of printing, storing, transporting, and ultimately disposing of all this paper. Paper production also requires a significant amount of chemicals and water and generates carbon emissions and waste.

Zero Paper Challenge VIDsigner

Now, do you also know how much a company that integrates VIDsigner signatures saves?

It is time to stop thinking that you must leave sustainability for later to obtain greater profitability—quite the opposite.

Our calculations show that this 100-employee company we talked about not only prevents 10 trees from being cut down each year thanks to VIDsigner. Additionally, it increases your ROI by 83% by reducing paper-related costs from €92,225 per year to €15,000 per year. Not to mention many other benefits of VIDsigner that you can see in this section.  

We want to show that sustainable business practices benefit everyone involved: customers, employees, partners, communities, and shareholders. It is important to note that a positive return on investment (ROI) and sustainability go together perfectly. Many sustainable business practices save money and create a competitive advantage, open new markets, and attract customers and employees.

Finally, we would like to thank our network of partners for their invaluable contributions sincerely. We appreciate everything you do for us and the environment. Thanks to them, we can continue creating services that prioritize the well-being of people and the environment. Thank you so much.
Validated ID Team