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Do you know why VIDsigner digital signatures are the preferred tool of CEOs?

The 25th Global Survey of CEOs, prepared by PwC, collected views of 4,446 top executives from 89 countries and detailed vital economic trends that affect decision-making. 

In this blog post, we have compiled these concerns to show why VIDsigner meets the top priorities of any CEO or senior executive today.

Our VIDsigner e-signatures have been specially designed to perfectly align with the needs and priorities of high-performing CEOs looking to reduce costs and increase profits through operational efficiency, customer service, and future innovation.

Speed and savings

CEOs who implemented VIDsigner digital signatures in their processes have realized operational efficiency and savings of up to 83%.

Some of the advantages highlighted by our customers are reduction in material cost, greater agility in processes, enhanced security, and ease of use.

Our signatures can be used face-to-face with VIDsigner biometric signature and remotely through the VIDsigner remote signature. Our service combines cryptography and biometrics to offer a secure way to sign documents and contracts electronically with full legal validity.

Our whitepaper details the ROI aspects that justify the transition to digital signatures with VIDsigner. We have also identified factors that take more work to measure and show the additional value of digitizing this process.

ROI VIDsigner digital signature

Regulatory changes

Although signing with VIDsigner reduces costs by up to 83%, the decision to implement this tool is not based solely on cost or technology considerations.

Most of our clients choose the VIDsigner digital signature solution because they deal with legal implications, such as signing informed consent forms in the health sector, processing public files, or creating employment contracts. Digital signatures are also essential in scenarios where responsibility comes into play.

At Validated ID, we provide trusted services qualified by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Digital Training, and the European Commission. We currently obtain investments from Randstad, La Caixa, and the law firm Cuatre Casas. The following certifications accredit us: ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO/IEC 19794-7:2014, ENS, HDS, eSIGN – UETA Acts, RGPD, PAdES-LT, and the National Security Scheme (ENS) in the higher level, among others.

All these accreditations show that VIDsigner electronic signatures offer maximum traceability and legal validity, and we are prepared to adapt to any new regulatory requirement.

Technology and innovation

Our electronic signatures multichannel VIDsigner guarantees CEOs a safe and easy way to sign documents online. Our technology collects the maximum evidence possible at each signature process, from biometric information during the electronic signature process on a tablet (speed, inclination, pressure, etc.) to two-factor authentication, IP or one-time certificates, and more from any device.

Mobile is currently the most critical platform for CEOs, and VIDsigner allows documents to be signed anywhere and on any device, regardless of the time or internet connection. Our signature solutions build trust and create growth opportunities and significant competitive advantage.

In addition, VIDsigner easily integrates with more than 150 platforms, including the following systems and workflows: SAGEDocuWareSAP, Microsoft, Salesforce, and other more specific solutions within healthcarepublic administrationhuman resourcesfinance, Logistics, sales, real estatelegaleducation, etc.

Companies or CEOs looking for better ways to manage documents that require a VIDsigner signature choose to implement VIDsigner DOCS. This platform has been created for companies that don't have a manager and are looking to send, manage, supervise and store documents that need to be signed with VIDsigner from anywhere and on any device. In addition, VIDsigner DOCS allows you to create recurring and sporadic signers, create document templates, run batch processes, set reminders, and much more.

Climate change

Most CEOs have implemented VIDsigner in their business processes to keep up with new technologies and have a proactive attitude. They also seek to create more sustainable, profitable, efficient, and relevant business models.

CEOs signing with VIDsigner often lead financial, environmental, and social sustainability projects. They understand that if companies aim to offer services sustainably, all collateral activities must also support the mission. 

Managers who bet on VIDsigner demonstrate an interest in implementing initiatives at the corporate social level, including taking care of our planet and reaffirming their commitment to giving back to society.

Our "Zero Paper" challenge is part of our commitment to reduce our environmental impact and raise global awareness of more efficient ways of working for everyone.

zero paper challenge VIDsigner

We invite you to try our signature solutions and enjoy incredible speed, security, and sustainability in your processes, like other CEOs and employees using VIDsigner.

At Validated ID, we want to help you focus on what matters most: growing your business. With VIDsigner, you are guaranteed an increase in client portfolio and a reinforced management and customer service team.

Validated ID Team