If we did a survey among the more than 300 active partners we work with in Validated ID, asking them what are the reasons or advantages they see being partners of VIDsigner, almost certainly, we would have more than 300 different explanations of what are the advantages of becoming a partner of our solution.

Although each partner may seethe reasons that drive them to continue being a partner in a different way, from Validated ID we know, after many years, that what really satisfies our distribution channel can be summarized in a few aspects.

In a business environment it is logical that the first factor to consider is the economic one. It is clear that any increase in a company's turnover is beneficial for it and, although the amount of electronic signatures is usually significantly lower than the amounts of the different businesses with which our solution is integrated, the increase, however small it may be, if it does not add work, is always welcome. The condition of not adding work is important because, once the signature service has been integrated into the end customer's applications or circuits, the tendency is always to progressively increase the use of the signature without having to spend any time on increasing the aforementioned consumption.

On the other hand, and keeping in mind the economic aspect, what is perhaps more satisfactory is the recurrence factor that, month after month, year after year, increases the partner's business volume without having applied the slightest effort once the integration is done.

The trend in all companies is always to increase the number of electronic signatures with the tendency to make them the majority within the company. Our great competitor in the world of the signature is not any European or North American or Asian company, our great competitor is undoubtedly the signature made on paper. Nowadays people still sign much more on paper than electronically. This fact gives us a route that, together with the recurrence, is highly attractive for the business and the satisfaction of our partners.

Within the economic aspect, there is an indirect factor that is very relevant for our partners, especially ISVs, which could be summarized in this sentence: a management application with an electronic signature option has much more value than one that does not have a signature.

Obviously the final customers of the service, i.e. the companies that implement the electronic signature in their processes and circuits, have a direct and relevant economic impact, either in the saving of paper and its management derivatives, or in the savings generated in the digitization and automation of the company itself.

It is important to note that among Validated ID's 300 partners there are companies of all types and sizes and operating in any sector of the economy. We provide the same service and treat them all equally.

We always try to give the best support to our partners, starting by implementing and maintaining the highest levels of security and responsibility based on the most recognized certifications (ISO, EBSI, ENS, eIDAS...) and becoming a QTSP(Qualified Trust Service Provider) and complying with all the necessary security specifications to give the maximum validity to the signature executed through VIDsigner.

Regulations VIDsigner: eIDAS, ISO 27001, ENS, ISO 9001 and HDS

This formal and legal value of the company makes it easier for the partner to market the service and, at the same time, its own solution. In addition to this fully theoretical support, Validated ID directly supports its partners through itsChannel Partners Program which includes a free annual package of signatures for the partner's use. On top of all this there is a large sales team that takes care of the day-to-day business development of its partners in an optimal and effective way.

The company's twelve years of experience have made our VIDsigner signature service a secure, reliable platform and, above all, a good business for our partners. But as they say, the best is yet to come, and that is why Validated ID has not stopped innovating during all this time and has managed and hopes to position itself even better in the future of signature and electronic identity, and that future is called VIDidentity (previously VIDchain). But that is another matter.

If you are evaluating electronic signature solutions for your company and advancing in the digitalization of your processes, we can help you.

Join the VIDsigner community and start growing whith us.

Jordi Gomez
COO Validated ID