VIVEA, the insurance fund for farm managers, improves the management of its financing flows with VIDsigner and DocuWare

VIVEA is a client of
Ricoh France, our partner. VIVEA has been using VIDsigner and DocuWare since January 1, 2022, and has thus dematerialized its processes' complete chain.

The agricultural world is changing and must respond to significant challenges relating to the adaptation of farms to climate change, ecological transition, and the renewal of generations. VIVEA has funded the training of 150,000 farmers in 2022 through more than 32,000 funding applications. Allowing operations managers to train and develop a relevant training offer that meets their needs is VIVEA's primary objective. Dematerialization is a crucial success factor for this training insurance fund to speed up the processing of files and thus respond to its customers and suppliers.

The electronic signature process for training and payment request: fast and straightforward

To meet the requirements of purchasing in public markets, VIVEA has dematerialized its processing chain since the opening of its need to training organizations, characterized by an annual framework agreement signed by training providers on its Extranet platform, up to the dematerialized sending of the training completion files by the professional training providers.

Thanks to VIDsigner, VIVEA successfully signs 3,200 framework agreements, 32,750 financing agreements, and certificates of training achievement per year. VIVEA improved process efficiency by integrating VIDsigner with an Extranet platform where training providers can sign various documents electronically. The latter said they were delighted with this development, which saved time and transmission costs.

VIVEA thus simplifies the administrative procedures incumbent on its activity and reduces its carbon footprint.

William Laksimi, Information System Manager at VIVEA, reports that integrating VIDsigner 's electronic signatures with DocuWare is a simple process that generates high ROI and satisfaction. Digital signatures have become business staples in less than a year.

VIVEA is committed to simplifying its processes and eliminating time-consuming steps such as sending documents by courier. In just three clicks, electronic signatures speed up and secure operations. This simple tool is quickly integrated into the organization of work.

Validated ID Team