Secure Document Signing Made Easy with VIDwallet and VIDsigner Integration

Validated ID forms part of the EWC consortium of organizations and member states developing an interoperable and user-friendly wallet solution for Europe as part of the eIDAS 2 regulation

The eIDAS Regulation shapes Europe’s digital landscape by enhancing our democratic values and respecting our fundamental rights.  

The eIDAS Regulation sets out rules and standards for electronic identification and trust services, such as electronic signatures, electronic seals, electronic time stamps, and electronic registered delivery services. It aims to establish a unified and interoperable framework for European electronic identification, authentication, and trust services.  

The eIDAS 2.0 framework is being developed and aims to further enhance the existing eIDAS Regulation by introducing new features and capabilities, such as a pan-European identity wallet. This would enable individuals to use a single digital identity to access a range of services across the EU while maintaining control over their data.

EUDI Wallet Consortium (EWC) | User identity protection

The European Digital Identity Wallet Consortium (EWC) is one of the large-scale pilot (LSP) projects that are piloting the European Digital Identity (EUDI) wallet based on the architecture reference framework (ARF).

Validated ID participates in this consortium in tasks responsible for designing and implementing solutions related to Qualified EAA (Electronic Attribute Attestations) and qualified signing using the identity wallet. The (Q)EAAs and the signing with the wallet still need to be defined. Validated ID performed preliminary work for the latter aspect by developing a proof-of-concept that implements signatures using an identity wallet, namely our VIDsigner centralized service with VIDwallet.  

The developed PoC follows what will be compulsory in Europe, namely, to sign documents using an identity wallet securely: to generate electronic signatures using a digital identity wallet. In this case, the solution created by Validated ID allows users to approve the signature process on VIDsigner Centralized with VIDwallet.  

VIDwallet and VIDsigner Centralized

VIDsigner Centralized signature is specially designed for internal company users who need to sign many documents from any device using a digital certificate from any device.

The centralized digital signature ensures secure custody of cryptographic keys on HSM servers, and if required by the signatory, qualified signatures can be generated through a European Qualified Trust Service Provider.

VIDwallet enables individuals to use a trusted and legally recognized digital identity to access a wide range of services and applications without needing multiple usernames and passwords. This makes it easier and more convenient for individuals to manage their digital identities, conduct electronic transactions securely and promote digital innovation and economic growth. VIDwallet combines the functionalities of a digital identity wallet and QTSP trust services.

Safely sign documents using VIDwallet

VIDwallet is used in this PoC for two purposes: First, to identify and authenticate the user to access the signing portal; second, to approve the signature process using VIDwallet and confirm the transaction.  

With VIDwallet, you can access the VIDsigner Centralized portal and sign documents by scanning the QR code on the VIDsigner Centralized home page. Watch the video here.

Here are the main steps in the signing process described:  

1. Visit the login page: Navigate to the login page of VIDsigner Centralized.

VIDwallet VIDsigner Centralized
VIDwallet VIDsigner Centralized

2. Enter your digital identity credentials: Scan a QR code and log in instantly.

VIDwallet VIDsigner Centralized
VIDwallet VIDsigner Centralized

3. Authenticate: Verify and accept sharing your information.

VIDwallet VIDsigner Centralized
VIDwallet VIDsigner Centralized

4. Access VIDsigner Centralized: Once your identity has been verified and consent has been provided, you are granted access to VIDsigner Centralized, where you can visualize documents. pending to sign.

VIDwallet VIDsigner Centralized
VIDwallet VIDsigner Centralized

5. Sign documents with VIDwallet: Authenticate and approve the signing of documents with VIDwallet.

VIDsigner VIDwallet Centralized
VIDsigner VIDwallet

Digital Signing with VIDwallet | Safe, fast, and secure

Signing a document with VIDsigner Centralized using VIDwallet provides several advantages for the user:

1. Convenience: The user can access the VIDsigner Centralized portal using VIDwallet and approves the signing of documents without having to remember any username or password.
2. Security: VIDwallet uses robust authentication mechanisms such as biometrics and two-factor authentication (2FA) to verify the user's identity and protect against unauthorized access.
3. Privacy: VIDwallet provides greater control over the user's data and enables sharing only the information necessary for a particular service or app while keeping the rest of their data private.
4. Reduced fraud: Usin
5. Legal compliance: All Validated ID services fully comply with the eIDAS 2 Regulation.

Validated ID

Validated ID is a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP), a trusted entity authorized to provide electronic trust services that meet Europe's eIDAS (Electronic Identification, Authentication, and Trust Services) regulation requirements. Validated ID can issue qualified certificates and provide other trust services such as electronic signatures, electronic seals, electronic time stamps, and electronically registered delivery services.

Validated ID is proud to be a part of this crucial step to help people live their digital lives safely, privately, and confidently today and in the future, and can help you embark on the Self-sovereign identity (SSI) world by adopting Decentralized and Self-Managed Identity, Verifiable Credentials, and Digital Attribute Attestations.  

The team will help you with the roadmap to design and build the type of credentials, the issuance method, and the authentication process you need. Contact Validated ID.    

Validated ID Team