We are releasing VIDverifier, the new component of the VIDidentity family of products for verifying user credentials. This solution comes from our experience as pioneers in SSI combined with our knowledge as Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSPs) in managing the entire lifecycle of user credentials: issuance, verification, monitoring, revocation, traceability, and auditing.

The VIDidentity product family:

- Issuer: VIDcredentials Studio
- Holder: VIDwallet  
- Verifier: VIDconnect - for authorized verifiers only  
- Verifier: VIDverifier – for anybody who uses VIDwallet and wants to verify credentials

While VIDconnect requires integration and is made for verifiers only, VIDverifier offers instead an open platform that anybody can use - users and companies - to verify credentials. Anybody who holds a credential on VIDwallet can now verify attributes. VIDverfier is available at Verifier (vididentity.net)

VIDverifier is a web-based platform that allows individuals and organizations to verify the authenticity and validity of credentials by simply performing an authentication flow toward VIDverifier. It provides a user-friendly interface that enables users to view credential information, such as the name of the credential, the issuing institution, and the credential holder's name and ID number, and receive a response indicating whether the credential is valid or not.

This web-based application is ledger-agnostic and has been developed to facilitate the verification of credentials. The process requires two simple steps: First, the user scans the displayed QR code with VIDwallet. In the second step, the user selects the credentials that should be verified.


Through straightforward steps, VIDverifier allows users and organizations to:

- Users: Verify attributes and documents instantly and be in total control of all kinds of credentials such as official records, academic certificates, professional certifications, government documents, and more.
- Companies: Quickly verify specific SSI credential attributes and records from a particular individual.

With VIDverifier, sharing and verifying is simple and direct.  

VIDverifier enables public and private organizations to verify the authenticity and validity of credentials presented by individuals in compliance with the existing EU legal frameworks, such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and eIDAS, by utilizing the eIDAS bridge.

Stakeholders, including employers, educational institutions, regulatory agencies, and individuals, can use this VIDidentity validation portal. Employers can use it to verify the credentials of job candidates, academic institutions can use it to verify the credentials of their students and graduates, and regulatory agencies can use it to verify the professional licenses of individuals.

The verification of credentials can be helpful in many different contexts, including:

1. Employment: Employers can use credential verification to ensure that job candidates have the necessary qualifications and experience for the job. This can help to reduce the risk of hiring unqualified or fraudulent candidates.
2. Education: Educational institutions can use credential verification to verify the academic credentials of their students and graduates. This can ensure that students have completed the necessary coursework and have earned their degrees legitimately.
3. Professional licensing: Regulators can use credential verification to verify the professional licenses of individuals, such as doctors, lawyers, and engineers. This can help ensure licensed professionals have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their jobs safely and effectively.
4. Government: Government agencies can use credential verification to verify the identities and qualifications of individuals, such as for background checks, security clearances, or immigration purposes.

This new solution uses advanced technologies such as blockchain and SSI-based techniques to verify individuals' credentials securely. With VIDverifier, organizations can streamline their credential verification process, reduce fraud and errors, and ensure compliance with industry regulations without the need to integrate VIDidentity. The solution can also help individuals easily share their verified credentials with employers, educational institutions, and other relevant parties.

Why is VIDverifier so unique?

This advanced SSI platform verifies credentials and their attributes. It implements the W3C Verifiable Credential standard to make them cryptographically secure, privacy-respecting, and machine verifiable. VIDverifier has been designed by Validated ID, a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) in Europe and a pioneer and advocate of this new technology. Validated ID was, in fact, the first wallet provider that became EBSI compliant and built a trusted environment for Verifiable Credentials among public and private organizations in Europe.

Summary of the benefits of VIDverifier:  

  • A web-based application that is ledger-agnostic.
  • The holder can check the validity of their credentials.  
  • The credentials are in the W3C VC data format.  
  • Able to verify several DID methods such as DID: key, DID: JWK, DID: ALA, DID: EBSI, …  
  • The credential's validity is verified through cryptographic verification of the digital signature.  
  • Revocation checks are performed.  
  • All data relating to the credentials are displayed within three different categories:
  • Credential: Lists the attributes of the credential.  
  • Issuer: This section lists all issuer-related information, such as DID and name, if available.  
  • Subject: This section lists all subject-related information in the credential, such as DID and name.  
  • The credentials can be downloaded in the raw JSON format.  
  • If the credential was signed using the eIDAS bridge, the eIDAS seal will be validated as well, and the eIDAS seal certificate can also be downloaded.

Other VIDidentity tools:  

  • VIDwallet: SSI multi-ledger digital wallet was the first to pass the EBSI conformance test. 🏆 It was the wallet of choice for other issuance manufacturers to manage their credentials.  
  • VIDconnect: OpenID Connect (OIDC) module makes it easier for apps and online portals to request, verify and authenticate credentials.  
  • VIDcredentials: A module to manage credentials that can be integrated to support almost any blockchain infrastructure like EBSI, Alastria, Ethereum, among others, and related services by providing a public API. It interacts with external parties such as the credential issuer, VIDwallet, and VIDconnect.  
  • EIDAS Bridge: Inherits the eIDAS legal and trust framework and further enables the signing and verifying of verifiable credentials using qualified certificates.  
  • CERT Bridge: This tool allows the creation of verifiable credentials based on an X509 certificate. This way, users transform their certificates into VCs and use them within the SSI ecosystem.  

Self-sovereign identity technology for organizations of all sizes  

To offer an advanced SSI-based platform that quickly verifies and manages digital credentials while embracing privacy is challenging; it requires a lot of work, years of preparation, and a talented young team with experience in this very new and cutting-edge sector.  

At Validated ID, we can help you embark on the Self-sovereign identity (SSI) world by adopting Decentralized and Self-Managed Identity, Verifiable Credentials, and Digital Attribute Attestations. Our team will help you with the roadmap to design and build the type of credentials, the issuance method, and the authentication process you need. Contact us.  

Validated ID Team