VIDsigner is the digital signature with the highest legal validity in the market. Ideal for advisory and legal firms

Currently, the legal sector is in a period of transformation of traditional processes focused on the use of paper to digital management. This much-desired transformation comes from the need to reduce costs and optimize tasks.  

By implementing a digital signature service like VIDsigner, an organization can combine different signing methods to maximize revenue, save on paper, protect the environment, and be as responsive as possible to the signer's needs.  

VIDsigner electronic signatures simplify the signing process without compromising the document's validity and the signatories' identity. In addition, it accelerates the closing of contracts, confidentiality agreements, intellectual property, internal regulatory compliance documents, and certifications of councils and boards, among others.  

VIDsigner is a comprehensive service in which none of the parties involved in the signature can make changes to either the document to be signed or to the data generated in the process. The service and all its security steps are guaranteed since we are a trusted service provider.  

We make sure that each signature process always gathers the maximum amount of evidence: from the biometric information during the electronic signature process on a tablet (speed, inclination, pressure, etc.) to the double authentication factor, IP, one-time certificates, and more.  

These are some of the advantages that VIDsigner offers for the legal sector:  

  • Increased security and integrity  
  • Maximum legal guarantees  
  • Elimination of physical files
  • Increased competitiveness  
  • Greater customer communication
  • Optimized time management
  • Reduction of costs and administrative work  
  • Streamlining of remote signature processes

Here we mention the most used signatures in law firms and consultancies.

VIDsigner Remote to sign from any place, device, and time in remote scenarios.

Legality : Authentication: one-time email and SMS. Timestamp, Geolocation, IP and more.

What is needed? Internet connection, email, SMS

How does it work?  Acess the document through an email and sign it after entering a one-time password received by SMS.

VIDsigner Bio to sign by hand on a tablet in face-to-face settings.

Legality : Biometric evidence (pressure, speed, and more) is embedded in the signed document.

What is needed? A registered device with the app installed, with or without an internet connection.

How does it work?  Sign the document by hand on an electronic device.


VIDsigner Centralized to sign with an electronic certificate in remote and on-site scenarios.

Legality :Qualified electronic signature.

What is needed? A personal certificate in the cloud

How does it work? Sign a document with an electronic certificate regardless of the place or device. It allows the signature of documents in batches.

E – Delivery to send and track reliable communications by email

Legality: Provides a guarantee in case of a dispute as it certifies that the recipient has received an electronic notification.

What is needed? Internet connection, email, SMS.

How does it work?  Reliable electronic communication with full legal validity. It provides a step-by-step report on where the document is sent, where and who receives it, and the content and status of the communication.

The electronic signature can be integrated quickly, easily, and safely.  
VIDsigner is connected with +150 easy, secure, and versatile software solutions.  

It is the ideal time to start implementing VIDsigner digital signature solutions in law firms and consultancies and thus obtain incredible speed, security, and sustainability.
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