On October 26, 2023, Validated ID hosted a major event, VIDpartners 2023, at Próxima Estación. The event brought together the entire network of VIDsigner partners, including resellers and integrators, from Spain.

Validated ID's success is based on the solid foundation of its partner network. They have extensive experience and knowledge of specific industries and clients, which allows them to enter the market in an effective and personalized way. They are often pioneers in developing new projects due to their exceptional business acumen.

This image shows several partners who attended the VIDpartners 2023 event and who have contributed significantly to the success of Validated ID:

Validated ID partners Spain

VIDpartners 2023 began with a warm reception and welcome: "This event is much more than just an activity: it represents the culmination of hard work and dedication over many months and the promise of a future full of opportunities." The CMO, Magdalena Anna, began the inauguration by saying these words.

Magdalena Anna, Marketing Director of Validated ID - VIDpartners 2023 Event

Immediately afterward, two of the 4 founding partners - Santi Casas (CEO), Fernando Pino (CLO) - and the Director of Operations, Jordi Gómez, spoke about their career as a small group of 4 entrepreneurs who came together in 2012 to form Validated ID and its contribution to the transformation in the way organizations sign and share documents, which has led to more than 3,000 clients and 300 partners using VIDsigner, currently reaching 40 million signatures made with VIDsigner in more than 40 countries.

Santi Casas, CEO of Validated ID - VIDpartners 2023 Event

The trust provided by this network of partners has continued expanding. Thanks to their support over the last 11 years, Validated ID can now adapt to the new needs of the market and bet on a new world: the self-managed and decentralized digital identity with VIDidentity.

VIDidentity, VIDwallet, VIDcredentials
Validated ID is successfully positioning itself within the world of digital identity and electronic attestation of attributes (credential verification) and leading several large-scale projects within the European Union.

In addition, it offers one of the most robust digital signature solutions on the market, surpassing the security measures of the most popular electronic signature providers in Europe and the US.

As a Qualified Trust Services Provider Qualified by the European Union and regulated by eIDAS, its solutions meet and exceed some of the strictest global security standards, providing companies and customers with the security and trust they need.

Trust service provider qualified by the European Union and regulated by eIDAS

During the presentations, Jordi Gómez, Director of Operations at Validated ID, talked about some new features of VIDsigner, which are beneficial for the partners. He defined the aspects that represent a positive evolution in the relationship with partners, highlighting the simplicity, ease of use, and increased margins. Additionally, he drew attention to the company's recent certification as a Trusted Authority. This certification allows Validated ID to issue qualified signatures, seals, and time certificates.

VIDpartners 2023

Getting certified as a VIDsigner Gold, Silver, or Bronze partner means getting an official endorsement for your technology solutions. This partner program recognizes and rewards excellence, commitment, capabilities, and experience. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the recognition given to some of the exceptional partners of Validated ID in Spain.

Partner Program VIDsigner

Santi Casas highlighted, at a certain point in the presentations, an important milestone for Validated ID when it successfully closed a round of 2 million euros in 2018. This round was supported by Caixa Capital Risc, Randstat, and Cuatrecasas, which allowed Validated ID to enter a new growth stage. With this further financial support, Validated ID was able to enhance its existing services and enter the world of self-sovereign and self-managed digital identity with VIDidentity and VIDwallet.

Santi Casas, CEO of Validated ID. VIDpartners 2023 Event

In 2023, 5 years after that decisive investment round, Validated ID begins to gain momentum with the award of several European Commission pilot projects focused on the new European digital identity, which aim to test services such as VIDwallet, VIDcredentials, and VIDconnect, to then implement them at the European level, both at a private and public level.

Universal Digital Identity model VIDidentity

As Fernando Pino, co-founder and CLO of Validated ID, later comments, it is at this moment when Validated ID begins to work on all these projects.

Additionally, it is worth noting that VIDwallet is the first SSI identity wallet that was EBSI compliant across all use cases in the compliance test. Here, we give you more details about Validated ID's journey to comply with EBSI and the SSI VIDidentity projects they are involved in.

Fernando Pino, CLO Validated ID. VIDpartners 2023 Event
VIDidentit Projects Digital Identity Europe

We can only explain some of these projects and what they mean for the public and private sectors in Europe because it would take too much time; however, we want to highlight one that is providing a significant impact on healthcare. VIDsigner and VIDwallet are being implemented in the admission process of patients at the CEMTRO Clinic by Common MS hrough a virtual credential with which the patient accesses the advanced physiotherapy and sports traumatology service.

This innovative process allows the patient to access the center without waiting and without having to go through the reception. Upon arrival at the center, the patient scans the QR from VIDwallet, and the center automatically creates an automatic access associated with their appointment. Once this treatment is performed, the center automatically charges for the service provided, and an automated email with the encrypted invoice is sent to the patient. This new verifiable credential system creates a seamless, secure, and hassle-free patient access process.

Merging the signature service and the digital identity service has also improved the way VIDsigner is accessed, making it faster and more secure. VIDwallet is used to access VIDsigner for two purposes: first, to identify and authenticate the user during access to the signing portal; second, to approve the signing process using VIDwallet and confirm the transaction. With VIDwallet, users can access the VIDsigner Centralized portal and sign documents by scanning the QR code on the VIDsigner Centralized home page.

In this sense, with the reform of the eIDAS regulation and the appearance of the "digital identity wallet," an exciting future is predicted for Validated ID as a pioneer in new digital identity models. As Santi Casas, CEO, said during his presentation: “Our motto - always be yourself - clearly defines what we want. We must achieve a society that, through digital tools, can trust who "is on the other side" while we guarantee the rights and freedoms (including privacy) of all parties."

Different countries are promoting technologies that allow "digital onboarding," a process traditionally carried out in person in company offices. Countries such as Italy and Austria have been pioneers in establishing additional regulations for eIDAS. This model is also being followed by other countries, which will represent a significant step forward in the digitalization of both the Public Administration and other strategic sectors.

Another surprise of the event was the raffle for an iPhone 15. To participate, attendees had to download VIDwallet, verify the professional email, and scan a QR code generated by Werify, a new product from our partner, IVIS, which verifies the correct registration of participants in this case.

Winner of the IPhone 15 giveaway with the mkt Validated ID team. VIDpartners Event 2023

On the other hand, there was a space dedicated to recognizing the exceptional work carried out by some of the Validated ID partners in Spain. Several awards were presented in recognition of certain innovative and personalized business practices that consider the complexity of the services offered, as well as their sales performance.

VIDpartners 2023 Award Winners

🏆 Promising VIDpartner Award - NUNSYS with Tomás Blanco, Document Management Consultant
Nunsys has created SignVID and the VIDsigner connector for Microsoft Office 365. They are expanding the use of this connector so that VIDsigner can be easily integrated into other systems, such as OpenSource and Libre Office, and focused on serving the Public administration.
Santi Casas, CEO of Validated ID and Tomas Blanco, Nunsys. VIDpartners 2023 Event

🏆 Innovation VIDpartner Award – with Xavier Sancliment, CEO of Peakway and co-founder of Werify
🏆 Innovation VIDpartner Award – with José Francisco, CEO of IVIS  and co-founder of Werify
Peakway and IVIS have launched Werify, a no-code platform of Verifiable Credential Verification SSI rules integrated with VIDidentity that optimizes the use of VIDwallet in real business environments.
Santi Casas, CEO of Validated ID - José Francisco Ruiz, CEO of IVIS - Xavier Sancliment, CEO of Peakway. VIDpartners 2023 Event
🏆 Top Customers VIDpartner Award – EsPublico Gestiona with José María Serna, Sales Director
EsPublico Gestiona is a software with a notable market penetration of 90% within the public sector. This is the reason why most of the 800 town councils in Spain that use VIDsigner come from Gestiona esPublico.
Santi Casas, CEO of Validated ID - José María Serna, Director comercial at esPublico Gestiona. VIDpartners 2023 Event
🏆 VIDpartner of the Year – Ricoh España with Tomás Milla and David Romero, DocuWare specialists
DocuWare software provides document management, repository, and workflow automation functions. It has become the software that has attracted the most business for Validated ID and is the reason for its rapid expansion internationally.
Santi Casas, CEO of Validated ID - Tomás Milla and David Romero of Ricoh Spain. VIDpartners 2023 Event

The event was a great success, and people could learn first-hand all the news about VIDsigner and VIDidentity while enjoying good food, a rock concert, and more. It was a remarkable event full of exciting moments and elements that left attendees excited about the improvements in VIDsigner and the new SSI services that they will be able to offer to their clients.

VIDpartners 2023
VIDpartners 2023

Validated ID is aware that there is no sure formula for creating a successful project, but there are several factors that can help increase the chances of success.

Since its humble beginnings, Validated ID always kept in mind that any project had to be based on a unique value proposition that would differentiate itself from the competition and that would provide value to the target market. Creating a solid team is not a cliché; The team is everything and more in complicated initial phases. A prepared team that knows how to work as a team is the most important thing to start a project. Validated ID is aware that, although it is important to set achievable goals and deadlines, it is also essential to track progress regularly and be prepared to adjust along the way.

Validated ID Team