Taking advantage of the upcoming events linked to the Blockchain ecosystem, Validated ID will present the works carried out in its new project VIDidentity (previously VIDchain), a future and disruptive project about digital identity, whose basic principles are neutrality and its control by the user, sovereign of its identity.

The VIDidentity proposal is based on adding different sources of identity in a wallet of identity attributes. In this way the user can complete his identity wallet with very different attributes with different degrees of trust depending on the origin of the information and the authentication method. From relatively unreliable sources such as social networks to robust systems such as biometrics, official identification or even face-to-face identification. All these attributes can be used for different operations with different security requirements they allow us to build a broad digital identity depending on the intended uses.

Currently VIDidentity is in a beta stage, allowing the management of different identity attributes, enabling the Validated ID team to focus on launching some pilots with potential “identity consumers” such as universities, banks, public administrations or another service companies with special interest in user management.

At the moment all those who wish to know VIDidentity project and its keys have the opportunity to attend the upcoming Blockchain events in which Validated ID participates.

The first of them will take place next Friday, November 24th at “Palau de la Música” in Barcelona organized by the Círculo de Directores TIC (CTO Circle) under the title “The Blockchain revolution“, where Santi Casas, CEO of Validated ID, will give a presentation on the new identity models generates due to Blockchain

A week later, on November 29th, Ivan Basart CTO of Validated ID participates in the event sponsored by Eurecat under the title: “Blockchain: a technology with great impact and social benefits”.

Validated ID is also member of Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) and has been recently selected by Cuatrecasas as a participating company in “ Cuatrecasas ACELERA” in collaboration with Telefónica Open Future to promote its VIDidentity project, confirming its firm commitment to open the way for the digital identity ecosystem linked to Blockchain.

Validated ID Team