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Many companies have perfected their sales tracking through Salesforce CRM. VIDsigner's e-signature integration with Salesforce takes the benefits a step further with its ability to close sales in minutes. VIDsigner + Salesforce enables sales teams to shorten business cycles. It simplifies the preparation of documents using Salesforce fields, automatically filling in agreements and enabling the tracking of transactions.

Manage and streamline your e-signature processes directly in your Salesforce environment by automatically retrieving signed documents (from sales contracts, NDAs, quotations and invoices, to service approvals, offer letters, new account openings, case management, or consents) and automatically executes the additional flows related to the signature process for each document.

Thanks to the electronic signature module of VIDsigner's with Salesforce, it is now possible to obtain the signature of your documents in an agile way from the same Salesforce ecosystem and at lower costs.

Discover how VIDsigner e-signatures integrated within Salesforce can drastically shorten your sales cycles 

Every company is unique, but they all have the same goal: to close deals with their customers as quickly as possible. VIDsigner integrated with Salesforce includes the necessary tools to optimise the sales process, while improving the ongoing opportunities.

In Salesforce, the traditional sales cycle consists of lead creation, opportunity, quotation, closing, invoices, and post-sales. Thanks to the addition of the VIDsigner signature service, the entire sales process can be automated without dealing with document management.  

  • Candidate/prospect creation: in this first phase of the sales cycle we can manage the entire sales process assigned to our candidate. We eliminate the use of paper by storing all documents within the Salesforce workflow. This includes your signed and accepted GDPR consent and offer letters
  • Opportunities: at this stage, pre-sales begins when we detect the prospect's interest in our product or service. All your actions are processed through Salesforce, leading to the creation of the sales quotation in Salesforce that can be sent to the customer. We can send to sign documents such as price lists of the products or services requested, non-disclosure agreements, and various proposals if needed. The status of your opportunity in Salesforce will be automatically updated when the status of your document in VIDsigner changes. Your team will be notified in real-time about document status updates in Salesforce every time your prospect interacts, comments, or electronically signs the document.
  • Quotation: this is a prior and necessary step to the closing of each sale and the origin of the contract. The budget is a very important objective as it sets out the details of the contract that we will draft and send to sign at this stage. Sales teams can send and sign their quotes and pre-contracts in a few simple steps by using VIDsigner in their opportunity registration, or any other customised object they may be using. By integrating Salesforce with VIDsigner, you'll gain efficiencies that allow your team to spend less time creating and customising documents and more time focusing on growing the business. The team will have access to ready-to-use document templates that will automatically populate with accurate customer, product, pricing and opportunity data from Salesforce.
  • Closing: the stage of completion of a sale and acceptance of a quotation. Whenever a sale is closed a contract will be created leading to the origin of the customer relationship and the provisioning of the service and its invoicing. In this step, all documents necessary to close a sale (agreement, defined and closed contract, legal documents) are sent to the customer to be signed. Once the documents are completed and signed, they are synchronised directly in Salesforce.  
  • Invoicing and Post-sales: the generation of the invoice to the customer is the final process of the sales cycle in Salesforce once the sale has been confirmed. Depending on each company's business model, recurring or non-recurring invoices can be generated. In this phase, apart from the automated sending of invoices, we can also send to sign documents that we generate in the after-sales process such as contract extension, change of tariffs, change of contract conditions, etc... Thanks to VIDsigner's integration with Salesforce your team will not only have quick access to your business-critical documents, but also gain visibility into all the conversations, negotiations and back and forth that occur on those documents. Plus, you can archive the signed documents in your preferred Salesforce library.

Furthermore, these full sales cycle times can be measured and optimised, as all the data is available: how many sales proposals were sent, how many have been closed and how many have been rejected. With VIDsigner for Salesforce you never have to leave Salesforce to sign and get your documents signed.

Find out how the integrated signature process works in Salesforce

In this demo, you will discover its main functionalities and learn how it integrates with the usual Salesforce work process.

Key benefits of VIDsigner with Salesforce

  • Streamlines and accelerates the sales process. Reduce contract turnaround time by closing sales electronically from anywhere.
  • Automate data entry. Maximise workflow efficiency by automatically placing Salesforce data into your contracts. 
  • Easily monitor the status of documents. Never lose important files with automatic notifications of signatures made.
  • Improve and manage the work of your sales team. You get full control over document templates, monitor changes and modify access settings.
  • Eliminate human error and increase your productivity. Eliminate data entry errors by automatically incorporating customer, product and pricing data from Salesforce. 
  • Secure transactions with legal guarantees. We are a Trusted Service Provider and we ensure that transactions and the signing of commercial contracts are carried out with the maximum legal guarantees. 
  • Greater control and visibility of the documents and actions your customers are taking. VIDsigner's real-time document status updates are accessible in Salesforce so you’ll know exactly when prospects are interacting with your documents. This information allows you to act quickly at the most opportune times.
  • Accelerate business growth without leaving Salesforce. A seamless, end-to-end workflow automates tasks and makes it easy for your sales team to create, track and e-sign documents - all within Salesforce. 

Added value of VIDsigner digital signatures and points of differentiation from other Salesforce integrated signature solutions

Legal compliance and strong security 

Our biggest differentiator from other Salesforce integrated signature solutions is your peace of mind. VIDsigner is the most secure digital platform for the creation of electronic signatures available on the market as we collect more evidence with greater probative value than any of our competitors. Furthermore, all evidence is self-contained and encrypted in the document and therefore its validity in the future does not depend on Validated ID.

  • We are a Trusted Service Provider Qualified under Regulation (EU) 910/2014 (eIDAS) to comply with the most stringent requirements.  
  • We comply with the European ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards for quality management systems and the handling of confidential data. As a result, we can fully guarantee the correct execution of our signature processes.
  • We use the PAdES LTV signature format. We guarantee that once the signatures have been made, the documents can be validated in the long term, by any person and with total independence of the provider.
  • We ensure that each signature gathers as much evidence as possible at all times: from biometric information during the electronic signature process on tablet (speed, inclination, pressure, etc.) to the double authentication factor, IP, One Time Certificates and more, in the digital signature with smartphone.

Find more detailed information on the regulatory framework at this link. 

Easy integration

Our e-signature service is designed to be easy to use and responsive to multiple businesses and industries, allowing them to accept higher volumes of documents without clogging up their operations. Our Salesforce integration is back-end to back-end to ensure the best usability, maximum robustness and security. VIDsigner's signature methods can be quickly integrated with the company's existing software via API Rest. This allows documents to be signed and sent directly from the work process itself. VIDsigner e-signatures integrated with Salesforce are designed to enhance the user experience and manage the sending of documents to be signed without leaving the ERP solution itself. When developing our connector, we have focused on the people who send documents to be signed so that signing documents is simple and does not require any additional training or change management, because it all happens within Salesforce. 

Also, our integration facilitates greater flexibility in the processes, as Salesforce as a platform allows the development of any functionality/workflow in an integrated manner.

Different types of signatures 

Thanks to the different signature mechanisms offered by VIDsigner, users can sign a document whether they have a digital certificate or not, allowing easy and secure approvals from any device. Our different digital signature services are suitable for any scenario and adapt to your needs: whether it is a handwritten signature on a tablet (BIO), remotely with a smartphone (EMOTE), by means of a qualified personal certificate (CENTRALISED), with a company digital certificate for unassisted processes (STAMPER) or with reliable communications (E-Delivery).

Plus, the Salesforce component has been developed by Atlas Cloud Certified Salesforce Partner.

Thanks to the technical portal and its API, the time and effort costs for integrating VIDsigner's e-signature services into Salesforce applications are truly competitive.

Gabriele Baldini [Senior Salesforce & eSignature manager, Atlas Cloud]

Validated ID Team