• VIDpartner Silver from Validated ID from 2021
  • VIDsigner ISV Leader in Management Solutions for the Health Sector

Mulhacen Soft,
is recognized for its excellence in consulting and custom software development for the efficient management of medical, health and sports clinics. Its tools allow absolute and simplified control of all the data generated in these institutions.

Innovation, Efficiency and Safety

In a constantly evolving market, Mulhacen Soft recognized the need to stay ahead and meet the changing demands of its customers. The growing demand for electronic signatures integrated into its clinic management software was a crucial challenge to respond to market expectations and avoid loss of competitiveness.

Assessment of needs before the Integration of Electronic Signatures

Mulhacen Soft conducted a thorough analysis of the electronic signature market and trends, consulting directly with its clients to understand their specific needs. This careful evaluation ensured that the integrated solution met legal and operational requirements and fit seamlessly into existing workflows.

Evaluation of Available Solutions

The company carefully evaluated electronic signature providers, prioritizing the interoperability, usability, security, and privacy of the solutions. To select the appropriate provider, the company considers aspects such as:

  1. Interoperability and Usability: The integrated solution had to be easy to use and compatible with existing systems of Mulhacen Soft clients. This involved making sure that the e-signature solution integrated smoothly and seamlessly into existing workflows and processes.
  2. Security and Privacy Guarantee: Since electronic signatures involve the handling of sensitive and confidential data, ensuring the security and privacy of information was a critical challenge. Robust security measures were required to be implemented to protect user data and prevent any possible vulnerability or security breach.
  3. Training and Support: Implementing a new technology solution often requires adequate training and support for end users. Mulhacen Soft should have ensured that its customers were properly trained to use the new electronic signature functionality and provided them with ongoing technical support in case of problems or questions.

Meeting these expectations while maintaining product quality and efficiency has been a challenge.

Strategic agreement between Mulhacen Soft and Validated ID

After a rigorous selection process, Mulhacen Soft chose to partner with Validated ID, a leader in electronic signature solutions that meets the most demanding legal and regulatory requirements in the market. The selection of Validated ID as a strategic partner was based on its ability to guarantee fast integration, a wide variety of signature options and solid legal support.

"VIDsigner is a powerful alternative in signature management. Their experience gives us complete confidence in each transaction, boosting our operational efficiency."

Laura Garcia Gilabert, Key Account Manager, Mulhacen Soft

The Silver partnership with Validated ID gave Mulhacen Soft the opportunity to improve the efficiency and security of its solutions, and differentiate itself in the market. The close collaboration ensured a seamless integration of VIDsigner electronic signatures into Mulhacen Soft's clinic management software.

Successful collaboration as VIDsigner's Silver integrative partner

The strategic partnership with Validated ID increased the efficiency, security and speed of the services offered by Mulhacén Soft, along with significant savings in printing and document storage costs. The steady growth in the number of signatures performed each year has been evidence of the success of the integration and partnership. By offering a complete solution that combines clinic management with advanced digital signatures, the company also increased the value of its software, improved its positioning in the industry and provided a solid foundation for continued growth in the future.

This partnership not only benefited Mulhacen Soft, but also strengthened the satisfaction and loyalty of its customers, and opened new business opportunities for Validated ID partners.

In summary, Mulhacen Soft's partnership with Validated ID has been fundamental to the growth and continued success of both companies, providing innovative solutions, improving competitiveness and generating new business opportunities.

Magdalena Anna
CMO Validated ID