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In November 2022, Validated ID participated in the JFF Plugfest 2 to unlock the power of verifiable credentials and explore the possibilities of open protocols by establishing interoperability.

JFF (Jobs for the Future) and W3C aim to build an ecosystem for verifiable credentials wallets regarding learning and employment, and Verifiable Credential (VC) issuers and Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) create the most robust possible foundation for it.

Professionals and students will soon collect learning and employment records (LERs) representing their achievements from education and work experiences and have full control over how to exchange their skills and abilities. JFF Plugfest 2 was driven by the need for interoperability between identity wallets and VC issuance processes.  

The results of the JFF Plugfest 2 create a verified, trusted, and interoperable verifiable credential solution based on Self-Sovereign Identity or SSI that will soon reinvent how professional development and student academic achievement records are shared across global markets and will make this mechanism safer and more private.

Validated ID is fully committed to promoting interoperability

Validated ID is fully invested in making Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) a robust legal framework when using digital identities. At a European Level, VIDidentity became the first solution that complied with EBSI regulations as part of EBSI's Early Adopters program.

In 2022, they designed a pilot solution on decentralized identity for CaixaBank and Aigües de Barcelona to test the interoperability between digital identity networks built on blockchain to optimize the direct debit of bills in Aigües de Barcelona and improve the risk scoring of a potential new customer in CaixaBank.  

VIDidentity guarantees data security and privacy

Validated ID’s identity solutions promote a more digital and sustainable world through an SSI-based technology called VIDidentity. A unified, interoperable, and tamper-proof infrastructure with essential benefits for businesses, users, and IoT management systems. Several national and international partners collaborate with Validated ID, such as Sovrin, DIF, and Alastria.

VIDwallet is an identity wallet built by Validated ID to implement the digital counterpart of a physical wallet. It facilitates the storing and protection of personal data (driving license, passport, vaccination credential, etc.) on the user’s smartphone.

VIDwallet acts ledger-agnostic, meaning it does not rely on a specific DLT or blockchain network. VIDwallet already supports several DLTs and blockchain networks, such as EBSI, Ethereum, and Velocity, with and without a distributed network utilizing the DID (Decentralized Identifier) key method. Additionally, it does not only support EBSI identifiers but is also fully EBSI compliant with its services.

VIDwallet, the identity wallet at JFF Plugfest 2  

Validated ID participated as a wallet provider with VIDwallet and successfully tested the interoperability between VIDwallet and four VC issuers following an Open ID Connect flow. OpenID Connect is a well-established worldwide standard  used for sharing identity data.  

All participants in PlugFest 2 had to successfully demonstrate that their wallets could receive and hold a VC in the OBv3 (Open Badges Version 3) format. The OBv3 data format was specifically designed to cover learning achievements and skills.  

VIDwallet integration with VC issuers at JFF Plugfest 2  

While the minimum requirement at this event was to successfully integrate Validated ID’s wallet with two verifiable credentials issuers, they successfully integrated it with all four of them:, Danube Tech, Velocity Foundation, and Spruce ID.

Demo of VIDwallet Interoperability capabilities

In this video, Validated ID illustrates the Open ID Connect Verifiable Credential Issuance flow between the four credential issuers and Validated ID as the wallet provider.


Validated ID Team