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Electronic signature on Tablet for face-to-face situations.
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What is a handwritten electronic signature?

A handwritten electronic signature (VIDsigner BIO) is one that is made in a face-to-face context in which the company shares with the signatory the device on which it can read and make the signature. When performed on commonly used but calibrated tablet devices, it is possible to collect the maximum biometric information from the signatory during the signing process (pressure, tilt, speed, etc.). It collects the same evidence used by a calligraphic expert.

This data is encrypted and stored electronically securely within the document that has been signed.

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How does the biometric signature work?

The biometric signature process in 3 simple phases:
1. The signer verifies the information
The issuer completes the client's personal data and delivers the electronic document to the signatory on a tablet to ensure that he can read the content.
Phase 1 of the biometric signature
Phase 2 of the biometric signature
2. Signing the document
If the signatory agrees, he should sign on the device we have provided,
just as doing so on a piece of paper.
3. Document archiving
The signer receives an electronic copy of the signed document and the file is digitally located within the company's document management tool.
Phase 3 of the biometric signature


VIDsigner helps to quickly transform the way you do business
Strong biometrics identification(pressure, speed, etc.) according to ISO/IEC 19794-7
OTC - OneTime Certificates for each signer
Long-lived signature formats (PADES B-LT) to guarantee the durability of the signature over time
Self-contained evidence in the document in case of legal proceedings
What you see is what you sign
Biometric technology
Common devices (Android, iOS, Windows)
Time-stamping to guarantee time of signature
Offline signing option
Legal validity

Examples of the use of biometric signatures

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Health sector
Informed consents, anamnesis, treatment plans, and data protection consent, among others.
Contracts at a customer service point (bank, car rental, etc.), contracts of insurance agents at the client's home, etc.
Human Resources
Employment contracts, 145 model, work instructions, training, etc.
Public administration
Self-settlements, construction procedures, legal, registry, among others.
Order processing, compliance with procedures, test protocols, tracking, waste disposal certificates, notifications, contracts, claims, HR management and invoices, among others.
Supplier contracts, client contracts, NDAs, intellectual property, internal compliance documents, or intercompany agreements, among others.
Housing & Real Estate
Contracts, reservations, down payments, purchase and sales, renting, leasings, contract renewals, end of tenancy agreement notices, home insurance, among others.
Finance and Insurance
Health questionnaires, insurance policies, legal protection agreements for personal data, opening of accounts, contracts, loan and/or credit applications, internal and external audits,  and new hirings, among others.

What security does biometric signature offer?

At VIDsigner we only use commercially available tablets that we calibrate to collect the signer's biometric information. In terms of quality and legal certainty, we only allow to sign on these devices and never do so by finger.

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We also ensure the signer's ability to fully visualize the document, something that a simple pad is not capable of doing and that guarantees that the signer knows exactly what is being signed.

Why choose our VIDsigner biometric signature software?

The service guarantees the collection and encryption of evidence that clearly identifies the signatory and also allows confirmation that the recipient has been able to read the document. In addition, VIDsigner uses notarized and generated keys to secure the issuer and the document in the event of a court order.
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