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Dialenga is the internal communication platform that helps you connect and communicate with the employees of your organization. The most convenient and intuitive way to stay up to date and improve the employee experience: relevant and up-to-date content, documentation, surveys and other materials with which you can simplify processes, evolve your corporate culture and keep employees connected, engaged and satisfied.

Main Characteristics

  • Checknews, currentaffairs,events and corporate changes
  • Featuredcontent alwaysavailable and just one click away from your employees
  • Conversationsvia chat to send comments, doubts, suggestions or queries
  • Managementof vacationsand absences in an integrated and fast way
  • Automaticand agile submission of documentation:contracts, certifications, payroll, withholdings, policies, etc.
  • Dissemination of surveysto find out opinions, evaluate performance, work environment, etc.
  • Real-timemonitoringto analyzethe impact of your communication and be able to act accordingly
  • Digitalsignature tosimplify processes related to the employee journey
  • EmployeeFeedbackManagement
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