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Now that remote work is common practice, we need a better way of tracking documents shared among colleagues and external users. The question is, how do you ensure that documents are stored securely in your database, authenticated with signatures, and stored back into your database to move on to the next step? A cloud-based document management solution integrated with electronic signatures is the solution.

When you implement electronic signatures in your workflow, you can rest assured that the document you’re seeing is authentic, that the contents of the document have not been changed or tampered with and the person who created the document is identified.

Our partner Docuware offers a cloud document management solution that allows you to manage, process and utilize business information with comprehensive capabilities and functions. It can be integrated into any IT system to digitize manual or paper-based business processes from any department.

Thanks to the integration of VIDsigner with DocuWare's platform, when a document is ready for signature, it is sent to our platform. Then, the document is signed and verified on our side and when the process is finished, it is automatically sent back to DocuWare.

VIDsigner includes a variety of services, which can be combined to adapt to the needs of each moment:

  • VIDsigner Bio: Handwritten signature on tablet. It has the simplicity of traditional signatures on paper with the advantages of digital signatures.
  • VIDsigner Centralized. The use of digital certificates guarded and managed securely by the provider that can be issued by your organization or by ourselves depending on regulatory requirements.
  • VIDsigner Remote. Signing documents on any device, where the entire signature process is saved and ends with a unique code sent to the user’s mobile.
  • VIDsigner Stamper. Electronic seal for automated administrative processes.

Validated ID is a Qualified Trust Service Provider according to Regulation (EU) 910/2014 (eIDAS). In other words, the European Union recognizes our electronic signatures as compliant with the highest standards.

With a wide range of use cases for many industries, such as Healthcare and Social work, Public Administration, Human Resources, Finance and Insurance, Logistics, Sales, Housing & Real Estate, Legal and Education.

What are the advantages of VIDsigner electronic signatures integrated in Docuware’s workflow?

  • Easily integrate Validated ID’s TSP capabilities into your DocuWare workflow
  • Transfer signed documents automatically between DocuWare, Validated ID and the signers
  • Send email notifications when documents are available for signing
  • All relevant signatories can sign a document electronically in one workflow.
  • Archive the signed document in a way that is audit-proof

If you are interested in implementing an improved and safer way of handling your documents for your new remote working environment needs, we have a special offer for you.

If you’d like to know more about the different types of electronic signatures that Validated ID offers, you can download this One-Pager with more info.

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