SportChain is an EU-funded project and part of the TruBlo program whose goal is to create a decentralized ecosystem for the sports industry.


Key Project Drivers

Key Project Drivers: Validated ID, SEIDOR Opentrends, Rovira i Virgili University, University of Barcelona, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Polytechnic University of Catalonia, University of Girona.

The Project

This project aims to establish a common framework to digitally exchange student data, such as diplomas, in a more agile, effective manner, and aligned with regulations such as GDPR and the standards used by the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI). This developed system was initially used in a network of universities. Later, the credentials were used outside of this University network. The platform offers several functions, including the delivery and validation of regular documentation in processes of the university system, as well as the decentralized use of data, specifically micro-credentials. This project promotes the trend of storing and managing credentials with a digital portfolio or "wallet" by students and other university agents.  

Moreover, this initiative provides universities with interoperable and scalable services for the rest of the university's system. These models can also be used for other purposes and serve as a reference framework that can evolve from the current service provided by the NISUE (Interoperability Node of the Spanish University System).


  • Facilitate the exchange and validation of student credentials and documentation between universities in Europe
  • Enable students to have full ownership of their data by using an identity-wallet system
  • Store and manage credentials with a digital portfolio or "wallet"  
  • Offer universities services that are both scalable and interoperable with the rest of their systems