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We have developed the SP4i (Service Provider For E-Invoices) billing engine to send and receive invoices between companies and public administrations. SP4i is a service designed for companies to meet their obligations regarding electronic invoicing. With SP4i, companies and freelancers will be able to bill their private customers and European public administrations.
The electronic invoice service has been successfully deployed in the Catalan employers of small and medium-sized enterprises (PIMEC). Currently, over 23,000 companies and freelancers use the service through the brand name pimefactura.

How does it work?

Send invoices, XML or PDF format:
The invoice can be signed at source or within the service. Once uploaded and validated, it is delivered to the recipient via a general point of entry (AAPP) or by email with proof of delivery (private companies).
The service allows you to track the processing status of the submitted invoices.
Invoice delivery, XML or PDF format:
Receipt of invoices in XML or PDF format: both between private companies and electronic invoices from general entry points of public administrations and the European Union PEPPOL network.


Direct integration from ERP:
No additional installation required.
Efficiency, safety, and traceability:
Designed to send and receive data securely over the internet, ensuring the receipt of the message and ensure the authentication of signers.
Integrated with FACe B2B:
The Electronic Invoice Distribution Platform between Companies.
Integrated with the European platform PEPPOL eDelivery Access Point (AS2)
Adapted to the European standard for electronic invoicing (EN 16931)
Creation of invoices in facturae format without digital certificate (delegated signature) or with client's certificate.
Invoice generation via web form or from the ERP (via integration)
Possibility of creating electronic invoices in facturae format from a PDF
Received invoice management portal that can be integrated with ERP
Specialized technical assistance (SAT)

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