Simplified signature processes combined with an innovative health platform.

The Cologne-based company m.Doc GmbH and the Tech company Validated ID have developed a digital signature integration that simplifies analog signature processes. Digital health document management becomes easy and secure allowing patients to sign immediately on digital touchpoints. Documents can vary from simple treatment contracts to compliance documents.

This is another important step towards mapping and digitally accompanying a holistic patient journey. In addition, the solution guarantees the document’s integrity and its legal validity; and ensures that the signer is validly identified and knows exactly what he signs.

Validated ID is the ideal partner for us because of its wide range of electronic signatures. It represents a great advantage for our customers and further simplifies the patient experience.

Admir Kulin, CEO and founder of m.Doc GmbH
We are delighted to collaborate with such an innovative partner like m.Doc. We also share the same philosophy of doing the job following the highest standard of security and data protection.

- Santi Casas, CEO of Validated ID

m.Doc develops smart health solutions to improve healthcare processes. m.Doc’s Smart Health Platform offers partners an impressive possibility to place their services for patients and service providers in the European healthcare sector. The company also offers hospitals a unique opportunity to take a giant step towards digitalization: the application m.Doc Smart Clinic gives patients the power to be actively involved in their disease and treatment path before, during and after their clinic stay plus being connected to the professionals the whole time. From digital anamnesis, medical information and patient-reported outcomes to an overview of their therapy planning and discharge information are just some examples of the tremendous feature that m.Doc’s Smart Clinic Application delivers for patients.

Validated ID offers security trust services to the processes of electronic signature and digital identity verification. VIDsigner is the SaaS electronic signature service for face-to-face and remote scenarios. It combines the simplicity of use with the security of cryptography and biometrics. Its different types of signature are combined with each other helping customers to quickly transform the way they do business with differentiated, industry-leading e-signature solutions.

Both, Validated ID and m.Doc GmbH, believe that this association generates a strong solution for the Healthcare sector that need a wide range of electronic signature and innovation within their digital transformation.

About m.Doc GmbH –

m.Doc supports the care of patients with digital innovations – wherever this takes place: at the family doctor or specialist as well as before, during and after the hospital stay. The m.Doc smart health platform overcomes sector boundaries and accompanies patients through measures of early diagnosis, diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation. The Cologne-based digital health company, founded in 2016, is actively involved in digitizing the healthcare system by involving all stakeholders. Based on the patient’s need for information, it relies on a constantly growing partner network that can contribute to the smart health platform via open interfaces. This includes providers of hospital information systems as well as health insurance companies with their electronic patient files. m.Doc thus makes efficient care possible and gives doctors, nursing staff and other practitioners more time for the essentials – turning to the patient.

Validated ID Team