Validated ID develops new service to sign easily, safely and free with the new Spanish ID card, the DNI 3.0

- Validated ID creates firmacontudni, a service that allows signing documents with the new Spanish ID card through a mobile APP based on NFC technology

- Signatures done through firmacontudni with VIDsigner DNIe technology have the consideration of legally qualified digital signatures according to the European law eIDAS and are equivalent to the handcraft signatures

With a descriptive 1 minute video and simple web page, Validated ID presents its innovative service VIDsigner Smartcard to sign with the new Spanish electronic ID card through its APP. No physical presence needed to perform the signature, zero costs and no problem regarding fulfilment of legal requirements of the signature. Such an easy path is the way that Validated ID is drawing.

With this new APP, Validated ID users only need to have the Spanish ID card and an Android device with NFC technology, a system included in the vast majority of nowadays smartphones.

The documents signed can be send in PDF through just by introducing the ID of the person expected to sign. Once send, this document is signed using firmacontudni APP by simply putting the smartphone on the physical Spanish ID card. Then, NFC technology of the service VIDsigner DNIe will secure the signature of the document, uploading in the cloud and availability to be downloaded in accordance with legal requirements.

Thanks to Near Field Communication (NFC), which allows to exchange data with maximum security, the new Validated ID’s APP allows citizens to sign any electronic document and Validated ID’s new integrative API facilitates for business enterprises and public administrations fast and safe solutions regarding the signing of public documents involving clients and also citizens, who no more will need to move physically  in order to sign contracts, budgets, authorizations, instances and other bureaucratic paperwork. Furthermore, the service is integrative and completes the rest of the ViDSigner environment that allows to use and combine different digital signature methodologies: ViDSigner Bio, handwritten signature involving biometrical data, and VIDsigner Web & Mobile, which uses centralized certifications and cloud technology.

“Our app is free and eases the life of citizens by facilitating everyday transactions allowing to sign any document in a simple way and with maximum legal guarantees based on the already existing support of the new Spanish ID card. We have managed Validated ID technology to overcome the utility barriers that the previous DNIe was carrying – need for an eReader, drivers for the PC and other tools – with the new technology only a Smartphone with NFC tech and the APP VIDsigner are required. Furthermore, the partners that are already using other products with VIDsigner, have also been automatically integrated to the new DNIe solution.”
- Santi Casas, Validated ID CEO.

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