If you are a Microsoft Dynamics 365 user, from now on you will be able to send PDF documents and sign them digitally thanks to the official VIDsigner connector developed by Infoavan Solutions.

Sign PDF documents

The VIDsigner Connector for Dynamics 365­­­­­, the intelligent cloud application that combines Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM and ERP products, and adds integration with Office 365, allows you to send PDF documents for its biometric digital signature on the devices enabled for this purpose such as the Surface Pro or for remote signature by making them available to the signer by email.

Listening to the market demand, Infovan has developed the VIDsigner Conector complying with Microsoft users’ needs: ““the synergy that we have identified in Dynamics 365 solutions with biometric digital signature solutions is what has motivated us to assemble a standard connector,” said Demian Raschkovan, Technical Director at Infoavan and Microsoft MVP.

Security and GDPR

The connector complies with all the security standards required by VIDsigner, as this solution encrypts the biometric data and inserts it into the document, using a public key whose counterpart (private key) is held in the notary’s office (GDPR Compliant). In addition, to ensure the integrity of the document, a one-time digital certificate and a time stamp issued by the professional signature certification authority are used, generated in a way that is transparent to the user at the time of signing.

The final result is a PDF signed in accordance with the PAdES long-term signature (LT) standard, stored in Dynamics, which guarantees its validation over time and directly in a Microsoft environment.

In Daniel Translateur’s ─International Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Validated ID─ words, “beyond technology, ViDSigner is defined as a legal service that operates under the figure of a Trusted Service Provider, to provide maximum guarantees of legal security to the act of signing and make the signing process a simple and natural event, and now also in Microsoft Dynamics 365”.

ViDSigner is a comprehensive service in which none of the parties involved in the signature can make any changes either to the document to be signed or to the data generated in the process itself. Its offers a unique signature experience where issuers and recipients can decide on the signature method that best suits their needs and even combine them.

Moreover, VIDsigner’s service can be easily integrated into client applications in a few hours thanks to the Rest API. A single integration will allow you to enjoy any of the signature methods available.

Download VIDsigner Conector

You can download the connector from Microsoft Appsource and try it for free: https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/dynamics-365/infoavansolucionessl.infoavan_vidsigner

For more information on VIDsigner’s features, you can refer to its official page.

Validated ID Team